Urban Carry Holster ~ http://amzn.to/2nGCRr0

When I was doing some research on about guns on YouTube, I saw an advertisement about the latest gun holster by a company called “Urban Carry”.

Pros of the Urban Carry Holster:

The concept of the holster is total concealment that is comfortable. This is the biggest pro in my opinion.

When I'm driving or sitting at my computer, I forget that it's even there. At different times since I have had my gun, I asked my mother in mid conversation if she could tell if I was carrying my firearm. “I can't even see it!” she replied.

I carry a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Shield and it's just a little too big for the Medium Urban Carry Holster.

I emailed Urban Carry to exchange the Medium for a Large. To my surprise, they said yes even after 4 months of the purchase. I only have to pay a restocking fee of 15% which is understandable.

When the Large Urban Carry Holster comes in, I'll wear it around for a day, and then do another review on it.

Cons of the Urban Carry Holster:

You have to have baggy pants, otherwise you won't be able to pull the holster with the gun inside of it. So at times, I have found that I was pulling my gangsta pants up a lot more than usual! LOL!

So far, I give the Urban Carry Holster 3 out of 5 stars.

And that is being generous! I had to learn how to pull my pants to the side, expose the weapon, and then get the gun out.

Since I am really starting to like making gun videos, there will be more in the future I can GUARANTEE THAT!

The Verdict:

If you know your gun size and can compare it to the Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Shield, the Medium size holster is just a little small. Does it work? Yeah, but I had to learn how to work around it getting caught all the time. I personally am looking forward to getting the Large Holster!

Where Can You Get It? Amazon.




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