I know full well what you're going through. I was also struggling to make money in college, and I had to work nights. There are better alternatives if you are willing to put in the work. In this blog post I will be sharing what you need in order to make more money while you are going to college.

Start Your Own Part Time Internet Business

Most people find this to be difficult for one obvious reason. Starting your own part time internet business requires the right mindset. Bringing customers to your online store is where most people need guidance. Which brings me to my first point. The one thing every struggling college student avoids when making money online is mentorship. You've got to find a mentor who is looking for students and is a right fit for you.

You want to be under the wing of someone who genuinely cares about your success. They are not going to do the work for you. Think about what you are learning from your teachers in school. Are they doing all the work for you? Of course not. You show up to their class, and they teach. Your mentors at school are giving you the education you need to make money for “yourself”. This is how your internet business will succeed. So if you're struggling to make money in college, and you want a part time internet business, find yourself a mentor. If you don't know where to look, get in touch with me, and I'll help you get started.

When I first started seeking out how to start my own part time internet business, I had no guidance. Mentorship did not dawn on me, until I heard a leader strongly suggest that on a podcast. When I joined a Blogging MLM, I sought out mentorship, but could not find it. Sadly, none would take me in. And so I left that company, and joined a much better one. And finally, after years of struggling, I found a group of mentors. Every week we have a webinar that provides nothing but VALUABLE Problem Solving Content.

Each week there is always something new to learn. These workshops are held every Saturday at 8pm EST and have lasted 5 hours long! I'm not saying these are mandatory, but how will your habits form? You must see what others are accomplishing. People don't take the time to get involved with community. You always want to pay attention to the end results. Look at the people around you. Look at where they will be in five years. My mentor told me, “You are a combination of the 5 people you hang around with most.”

I made a choice to invest in my internet business. Why? Because I was struggling. And I knew that if I were to get around these people, then I will become just like them. I payed close attention and took lots of notes ( great for Twitter ). One really cool thing was how interactive these people are. When they invite you and me, we can log into the comments using Facebook and start chatting away with questions.

I followed one man in particular who used to be a police officer. After recovering from severe injuries, he had no choice but to work from home. His big dilemma, was how to get started. Long story short, he is now working comfortably and reaching out, helping people succeed. This is where I discovered my mentor. He was personally trained by this former cop and I friend requested him on Facebook. He accepted! I jokingly told him that I was a spammer. He loved it. I asked him for a link to join the system he was using and I am now part of his team.

What have I accomplished since then? After implementing the training inside the system, I created my own digital product and sold it online. Let me explain what I learned, and we'll see if starting your own internet business is right for you. I learned “why” people love to buy stuff, and it's quite simple. The product or service gives them VALUE that SOLVES a particular problem. From here you can take this motto and start your own YouTube business. Give your audience “value that solves their problems”. You will never look at your customers the same.

This is exactly what you need to do if you are struggling to make money in college. You've got to get in touch with a mentor, who will plug you into a community. You must invest in changing your mindset to having a vision. Invest in your business and stick with a strategy that works. In fact, during the breaks between school, you can focus more of your time into your internet business. By the time you get back into school, you should have a residual income. This would eleminate the need to work on a part time job. You may even say screw it, I don't need college anymore. I know how to make money online!

If you really would like to learn more about this, I would be more than happy to help you get started. It is hard work, but a lot of fun. More fun than I've had in a long time! Because of what I'm learning, I'm focusing on my business and I'm getting results.

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