Can I Make Money with NO MONEY to Start With?

Can I Make Money with NO MONEY to Start With?

Can I Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start With?
Can I Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start With?

Making money on the internet really boils down to “do you actually want this”?

Because if so, it's hard.

You want to have a really good reason “why” so when things are going as you planned them, you have something worth more than money to motivate you.

This is a marathon, not a hundred yard sprint.

So if you're still interested in making money on the internet but you have NO MONEY to start, click this link right now:

Marketing Zombies Are EVERYWHERE!

Marketing Zombies Are EVERYWHERE!

Marketing ZOMBIES… what is the best description of a zombie? Zombies are 2 things. 1) A zombie feeds on the flesh of other human beings. Once bitten, the victim then becomes a zombie! 2) A zombie is also proof that a disease is present inside of it's host, and has complete control over the body. The mind is dead and gone. It only searches for “victims” and does not think about helping people. It cannot do anything other than this!

So what is a marketing zombie? I challenge you to take the test!

How To Tell If You Are A Marketing Zombie! (¬º-°)¬

Marketing zombies are not interested in helping prospects get what they want. Their only goal is to take for themselves, and not provide solutions to problems. It is a me first, you last mentality. People always wish they would just go away! It blows my mind how people will use these tactics, get no results, and still try to do the same thing over and over again. This is a marketing zombie.

All marketing zombies practice and protect the belief that they have no value. They spread this belief, and it becomes more and more natural to them. When they congregate, it looks like intense confusion. Marketing zombies are victims themselves of the beliefs of other marketing zombies. They have allowed unbelief to control their every decision. The disease of unbelief is clearly displayed when they reject the marketing way of life. Madness is not a poetic art, it is the marketing zombie way of life.

Marketing zombies never attack each other, because they blend in perfectly.

Where Are Marketing Zombies Hiding?

RUN! Marketing Zombies are EVERYWHERE! Because wherever people are chatting about making money online, marketing zombies will always search the crowds of marketing people.

Without warning you will discover them. You will have no clue where they come from, because they are random, and dysfunctional. Marketing zombies don't want you to know who they are. They dread the thought of you discovering their true nature, which would detour you from trusting in them. Instead they display nothing but a false fake image of something they only wish they could be, but can't. Because their mindset will not allow them. They ask permission from their unbelief, and their unbelief will always say no.

What Will Happen If You Get Caught By A Marketing Zombie?

Call for help! Ask a friend who you know like and trust in the marketing world and listen to their advice. If you can't avoid a marketing zombie and are ever confronted by one of them, go for the off switch! I'm talking about challenging them head on and blow their mind away! Just say something like this:


Marketing Zombie: Click on this link right now.

Not a Marketing Zombie: Dude what in the world is this?

Marketing Zombie: Have you heard of vcard bud? Huge!!

Not a Marketing Zombie: Stop spamming people. You need people to chase you! lol

Marketing Zombie: Check it out.

Not a Marketing Zombie: It's not going to happen. No matter what you say, the wall just got ten feet higher bro. This is how you run your internet business? You're going to burn out bro.

Marketing Zombie: I never get burnt out bro. I'm a hustler.

Not a Marketing Zombie: Ok! Good luck! People are chasing me, and I'm ok with this instead. Take care!

Marketing Zombie: Go get em buddy.

How To Avoid Marketing Zombies

Don't allow any of your personal information to get in their hands! If they get a hold of you, stand your ground and fight back by being assertive. You want proof that marketing zombies exist? Go to any Facebook Group that is specifically on how to make money online, and just ask people “I am interested in new business opportunities”. Remember the song Thriller? The marketing zombies will pop out of nowhere and start making their way to you.

How To NOT Become A Marketing Zombie

You've got to know how a REAL LIFE marketer makes a living online and just model what they do. Since you are ready to learn how to do this, click this link to get started:

Ok! Had to show it…

What did you think about this blog post? Did you learn anything? Did you think it was funny?

Leave a comment below!

Hilarious Unemployment Story – WHAT? You Were Fired From…

Hilarious Unemployment Story – WHAT? You Were Fired From…

Guys, you have been waiting to hear a hilarious unemployment story, and this is one where I was personally in the room when it happened!

A few years back before I graduated from college in 2012, I was fired from my job and collecting unemployment. The unemployment agency offered to educate people on what jobs are out there in the current market. It was free, and by now, I was ready for a change. What happened during the middle of this class perplexed me to the max! This is where the unemployment story get's down right funny…

There were only 3 people in this class. Me, some other dude, and a woman who wanted center stage. As the instructor was teaching people about all the job opportunities that were out there, the woman in the room raises her hand and asks a question. She said, “Um, I was fired from unemployment. How can you help me get it back?”

My jaw dragged across the desk as my head turned to look at her. She had asked a question that completely blew my mind. The instructor replied, “That's what this course is for. So you can get a job and get money!” She balked at his response and quickly said, “No, I don't think you understand. I was FIRED from unemployment, and I need your help so I can start collecting unemployment again.” She was playing dumb the whole time. It was really obvious.

I almost said something, but I didn't. Now I wish I did! When the session was over, another guy showed up to pick the woman up. As he walked into the room, the woman went right up to him and said, “He just didn't get it. I told him that I wanted to get back on unemployment and, he just didn't understand what I was talking about.

I Was Stunned To Say The Least…

When people get to a low point in the their lives like this, they literally give up even on small personal goals and never think about big business goals. I told this story to a few co-workers of mine and they had a good laugh out of it.

My point in this story is that you don't want to get super comfortable in never setting any goals. Because you will certainly become more and more depressed. And depression is the same term used when “de-pressing” a start button. The longer it is held down, the lifespan of the button will diminish dramatically.

Intermediate Electrician's Story!

When you are in the business of fixing things like control systems, you tend to here some pretty funny fix it stories. Mainly, how lazy employees will slightly sabotage equipment so they can take a coffee break. Back in the day, people would press a button to start moving a conveyor belt. Well, some of them decided to press the start button a bunch of times only to discover that it stopped working for 15 minutes, and then start working again.

Guess what happened after they discovered Pandora's box? They decided to open it whenever they felt like it. It took some time for us to understand what was happening to the equipment. But when we figured out the problem, all that needed to be done was to add a 15 second timer to delay the start button. This gave enough time for the motor starter to cool down. The reason why it stopped was because it was overloaded with electrical current. Or as we electrician's call it, “In-Rush Current.” The look on people's faces when they can't do this kind of stuff anymore is priceless.


How Is Your Profession Changing People's Lives?

What in the world is holding you down? What is constantly pushing your start button only to cause you to burn out? I love working with people who have no clue on how to make money online and are totally coach-able. It's the best feeling ever to hear them send me a text and show me that they have earned their first couple of commissions. It's even more fun for me than earning my own commissions! Helping new people make money on the internet is my craft. It's exciting, and the market always changes. Every day will be new with adventure!

Now you are starting to see how much of an impact you can make on people's lives! There are people in this world who are ready to have their lives completely changed. But you have got to be ready to teach them. You are their teacher, and your niche is what you're really good at. And if you don't know what you're good at, perhaps you do, but you're not being honest with yourself.

Think of all the amazing wonders. The phone calls, the emails, the endless supply of feedback. This is what gets me excited. I look forward to meeting new people and teaching them all that I know. And the way we grow is through continuous education. Investing in a new mindset should be a constant joyful thing, not some heavy burden to avoid. I know the feeling of being dumb all the time. Back in the day, ignorance was my daily bread! Thank the Living God that he burned the stupid out of me. Pardon my english, but isn't that what we all need?

About a month ago, I heard my mentor talk about something called “Copywriting”. I simply asked the question that was just bouncing around rapidly in my head. “What is copywriting?” He explained that copywriting is the language you will use when you decide to sell something. The following Saturday workshop, where we all gather together for an online hangout at 8pm EST, he taught us all about Copywriting.

He talked so much about communicating with keywords that people can feel connected too. This is what get's people to respond to you. NOT PITCHING. You've got to dig deep into their emotions and show them the reason why they want to buy your stuff. This is simple. Give people what they want to buy, “the way they want to buy it now”.

Most people like you love to read and socialize on Facebook. Here is a link for you get started ( along witha few other little goodies! )

Thanks For Tuning In!

success leaves clues

The Successful Leave Clues Behind On Purpose

The Successful Leave Clues Behind On Purpose

If you have instant access to the internet, then you will discover that success leaves clues behind on purpose. We want you to learn the truth on how to make wise financial decisions. Because you go to your job to get the money, and we get that. But while in high school, were we trained on how make good financial decisions? For instance, instead of borrowing so much money ( which takes 30 years to pay off ) you just earn a pile of money and live debt free! You're beginning to notice a familiar pattern among the majority. Everywhere you go, you rarely find or even hear of someone who is living completely debt free. And that is very sad.

Guys, we live here in America. This is our land, and our opportunity! It's our moment to write in the history books of what we did for our children and grand children. We are not called to live in debt to man and be broke our entire lives, or depend solely on government aid. Come on, let's face it. Did Jesus or His disciples ever borrow money from the government? No. Because borrowing money puts you into slave mode. And nobody, especially you or me want to ever feel like we are a slave to the lender.

Success Leaves Clues Behind On Purpose

Think of all the amazing podcasts out there. Let's take Jim Harmer for example. Here's a guy who used to be lawyer who turned in his suit and tie for the title of one of the most professional photographers in the world. Years later, he now sells his own courses on Photoshop, Camera Reviews, Lens Kits, etc. Jim left clues behind on his website on how to dive right into photoshop. He travels all over the world and photographs everything. In his podcast he talks about a “Doodad” of the week. He left a clue on how people can get instant access to that product.

Success Leaves Clues Behind On Purpose ~ Click To Tweet

Most if not all successful work from business men and women take their business seriously. In other words, they show up for work, and have fun doing it! What's the point of working at a job you don't enjoy? I'll never forget what my father told me and my family right before he died. He said, “I have no regrets, I just wish I had a job that I really enjoyed.” That's where my self employment journey began, and have not looked back. Yeah it has sucked bad. For example, when I wasn't getting any results, I blamed everything else but the common denominator, me. Newbies do this more than veterans for sure, and you'll learn to get over it.

Picking Up Bread Crumbs

The story of picking up bread crumbs means follow your way home. The people we admire are often modeling multiple mentors at the same time. Think of what will happen when you surround yourself with  brilliant people? This is where your new habits will form. Overcoming the ego of not knowing everything, and learning from those who want help us and teach us, takes time to achieve. Not really sure why you wouldn't want to stay around smarter people. The confused village people will gladly take you back if you change your mind.

Choosing The Roads That Work On Your Behalf

We want roads that work for our benefit, but even that can be rough. I can remember driving our RV on the highway going towards Everette, WA. Those roads were the worst I have ever driven on in my life! Why? Because they were “sinking”. Duel tire tracks were putting deep grooves into the road. Not only that, but the asphalt was chewed up. Worst roads ever.

Now on the contrast, we used to drive down a road on the west side of Lake George, NY called “Buttermilk Falls Road.” That road was a dirt road, and it was a bumpy dirty ride. Because the best spots on the lake were down this road! It took 30 minutes of cautious driving, along with collecting 8 pounds of dirt on the car to get to a peaceful swimming spot for the day.

My wife and I stayed on the island of Saint Lucia back in September of 2013. Great time of the year to go. It's well below the path of the hurricanes and the prices are very doable. Anyway, we were picked up at the airport and were driven to the resort. We looked at each other in utter shock on how mountainous the roads were. I recommend you let the locals do all the driving. They know them so well, and the drivers can fly right past people walking down the road without hitting them. We stopped sweating after the 4th or 5th human being didn't respond to the taxi coming within “inches” of hitting them! Just let the locals drive!

When we arrived at the resort, the paved roads turned down an abandoned paved road with HUGE pot holes. I asked why they haven't yet fixed the roads? It's to keep the locals and tourists away from our beaches they said. This clicked immediately with both of us.

Success leaves clues…

Warning Signs Are For Our Benefit

Can you imagine what would happen if a hiking trail suddenly disappeared? Think of how frustrating that would be! You breath in the fresh air, look around and notice the dirt trail started washing away. When you make your way back, you want to know how to get home right? Glossing over the coming rain storm will only lead to disaster. Don't follow the get rich fast path. Follow what will be working five years down the road.

Or what if our only reliable map was tossed into a fire by a “friend”. “Ah, you don't need that. I've gota map right up in dis nogin!” Yeah whatever pal! I'll take my chances with good reliable guidance any day! Don't take financial advice from lost and confused friends! Seek out mentors who know exactly where you are because they've been there!

Look at the quality of your life and tell yourself where you are at right now. Is this where you want to be 6 months from now? Doing the same horrible routine? Driving 83 miles one way to your job that has caused you enough stress for years.

You are ready to take action? Ready to change everything? Time freedom is an incredible asset to not just doing what you want to do, but it gives you the time you need to help other people.

Look at what one waiter did live on camera. He fired his boss! Click this link now:

Thanks For Tuning In!

Adsense & The Key Of Being Rich

Adsense & The Key Of Being Rich

Adsense & The Key Of Being Rich

Google has actually produced this system as well as a whole company as well as the entire cosmos on Adsense for the main objective of enhancing your pockets.

You need to comprehend that there are many numerous bucks well worth of advertising and marketing that is negotiated on internet sites daily.

Whether Google understands it or otherwise, they become part of a larger strategy that will certainly offer the car for hundreds of people to get riches from the Web. There is an endless supply of Net chances readily available to you today that will certainly lead you straight to riches.

You are getting every little thing you desire in such a way that will favorably influence any person that you touch. Every person will certainly have greater than just what they have currently as a result of you.

Actually, there is a reaction occurring to those people that developed Spam websites that were developed to control the Google Adsense System. These websites will certainly be begun the Web and also from the Google Program on June 1, 2007.

So with Google, you simply should do points in a ‘specific means” as well as you will certainly obtain significant advantages and also treasures from the Adsense Program.

You, as an Adsense Author will certainly come to be a developer of sites that teem with special and also high quality material. Your benefit for developing these material abundant websites is a large check from Google monthly.


Google has actually kindly determined to share this riches with you. You likewise have to recognize that the cash you require will certainly come, also as Google has actually developed this chance for you, there are numerous web surfers waiting to click your certain advertisements on your details internet site.

All you need to do is to linked into the compound as well as the heart of the Google Adsense Program to produce your on the internet ton of money.
You do not need to take anything from any individual. You do not need to rip off or to capitalize or aim to control the Google Adsense Program.

Nevertheless, Google plays a required duty in your course to treasures.
In order to prosper in the clinical method, you will certainly rise above the competitors.

Whether you understand it or otherwise Google as well as deep space wishes you to have whatever you intend to have. Nature gets along to your strategies to be abundant.

Google is often slammed for its difficult position on particular problems. Google could transform its mathematical formulas at a minute's notification and also impact the earnings of hundreds of authors.

Adsense websites work as mini organization entities or sales representatives that produce revenue for you twenty-four hrs daily.

Developing a digital on the internet realm is much easier currently compared to ever before. There is an innovative motion taking place that will certainly influence you to develop your personal Adsense realm that will certainly lead you to treasures.

Google has actually given whatever you have to construct an on-line realm. You could come to be the Donald Trump of the on-line digital property globe. The very best component concerning Adsense is that you actually do not need to complete to win; you simply have to be innovative.

In the on the internet search globe, Google is King. Google is king since they preferred to share their riches. The one amazing choice secured their setting online and also produced large earnings for the firm.

The job of structure numerous Adsense allowed websites is so simple that also a grownup can do it nowadays. There is software program as well as detailed directions that instruct also one of the most beginner business owner ways to develop as well as maximize Adsense websites for optimum earnings.

You understand that there is no restriction to the variety of marketers that Google will certainly get that require your sites to promote their product or services.

For more on how to begin your journey using Google Adsense, read my other article here:

Thanks For Tuning In!

How To Start Successful Online Business

How To Start Successful Online Business

This article is designed to give you the reader, a view into what actually works for us. These 5 steps are what every online business owner has gone through for us to succeed. Simply model these steps in order, and you should get the same results. Make sense?

1) Immerse yourself in mentorship and model what they do.

This is not rocket science, but amazingly, large groups of people “refuse” to follow instructions. This is why 90% of people fail. To learn any skill or trade, we need experienced mentors to show us “exactly what to do”. Because online business owners are already conditioned to overcome the problems you are facing. It's natural for them to provide “the solution” for getting started.

2) Interact in Community

A community of like minded newbies interested in online business will change your whole perspective. They are already ahead of the game, and found a mentor before you did. This is where your new habits will form. It will be great to hear, “I sought out guidance, modeled what he did, and got results! This is what you need to do next.”

3) Investing in your new mindset.

This is where a lot of people don't “get it”. Taking action everyday will transform your thoughts from an employee to an online business owner. However, it will take time. Don't get discouraged when drop the ball, that's what community is for. They will lift you up, and redirect your thoughts. Which is exactly what you need.

4) Investing in your business is much cheaper than going the “free” route.

Now how on earth does that make sense? I can cut my lawn with a big pair of scissors, or mow it with a lawn mower. A good online business does not have to be expensive. It can be anywhere from $70 to $200 per month. This is an excellent budget that most people across the world can afford.

5) A reliable system that has been working for years is the best one for you.

Don't bother with new start up companies. Let the big players you come to know and respect look into that. Find a system that shows how you can give your customers VALUE that SOLVES their problems. In essence, this is why people love to buy stuff! It has tremendous VALUE and SOLVES a little or big problem.
DO NOT diligently search for instant money programs. Anyone who promises overnight success and instant wealth is lying to your face. If your not solving a problem for your customer, there is no way you can make money online.
If starting a business online is what you have been looking for, follow the instructions below.
Click the button right now to start working with me personally:
how to start online business

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