12 Undeniable Human Needs Critical For Business and Personal Life

12 Undeniable Human Needs Critical For Business and Personal Life

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Human beings all have disagreements which are pretty easy to spot. We make not like the same food or want to live in a better location with a better way of life. But there are Undeniable Human Needs that are CRITICAL to your personal life and the success of your business whether online or offline. These 12 Needs are non-negotiable for getting people to respond to you. If you can provide relief to people, you fulfill a HUGE need! If you can understand human relationships, you can create an attractive business model that people will naturally gravitate towards.

00:45 First Undeniable Human Need: “Ease Their Pain”

People will do anything for a person who can ease their pain. Physical pain does not have to be the case, but emotional, spiritual, financial, any kind of pain relief is what people pay a lot of money for. Relief for headaches like Tylenol and Advil are multi-billion dollar companies.

03:23 Second Undeniable Human Need: “Encourage Their Dreams”

What keeps people awake at night staring at the ceiling? What area of their life needs the most encouragement to pursue their dream of becoming totally debt free? You must ignite a dream or passion that is lying dormant inside of your customers or reps. Get them to step into the vision of where they want to be 5 years from now.

05:30 Third Undeniable Human Need: “Validate Their Thoughts”

Instead of putting people down, which is very easy to do, validate their feelings and bring them to that sense of self-worth. Validation is a very large unfulfilled need that every person who struggles with the fear of rejection. Encourage how valuable they are and what they say matters to you. You will fulfill a critical need that is seriously lacking in a large majority of people's lives if you validate their thoughts and greatest concerns.

06:54 Fourth Undeniable Human Need: “Engage & Capture Their Attention”

– Breaking attention is a better clearer way to describe this. People are constantly being distracted by life all around them. In order to capture people's attention, simply tell a compelling story that you have to hear the ending of this. Thanks for watching! Be sure to like and subscribe for more amazing valuable content!

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00:58 Fifth Undeniable Human Need – “Feeling Loved”

– Gary Chapman's book “The Five Love Languages” really hits the mark for interpreting how people will respond to their love language. Get it right now: http://amzn.to/2GGHfeB

01:25 First Of The Five Love Languages: “Acts of Service”

Providing some kind of service will really hit the mark for most people. In fact, they take it as the ultimate form of being loved by someone else. For example, providing a roof over someone else's head will convince people enough that they are loved. You could go a little further and make dinner for your kids or spouse and play as the master chef for one night.

A great app for people who don't know how to cook but want to learn is the app called “TASTY”. I have personally made some of the easiest tastiest meals because of this wonderful teaching tool! Go and download the app now. People even respond if you take the time to clean up the house, take out the trash, wipe down the counters, do the laundry.

Acts of Service fulfills one of the 12 Undeniable Human Needs which is the need to feel loved. I strongly recommend that if you take loving people very seriously, go and get Gary Chapman's book, “The Five Love Languages” right now: http://amzn.to/2GGHfeB

02:33 Second Of The Five Love Languages: “Words Of Affirmation”

People NEED validation through YOUR words. To be recognized in private when no one else is around and in public; whether in small groups of people or before great men and women or in front of large crowds. People RESPOND to verbal validation and this changes lives and relationships very quickly. Your Words of Affirmation will undeniably feel a little uncomfortable at first because people aren't used to doing this!

When you spouse walks in the front door, greet him or her with loving words of kindness. Make them feel amazing with your words and watch how their body language responds to this. Indirectly praise your spouse or loved one to someone else in the room by mentioning something good your spouse did for you while they are in the listening distance. You will MELT their minds into the mold of your loving hands and they will NEVER want to leave your side!

Just remember that the battle of the mind is won when you aim for small victories!

04:23 Third Of The Five Love Languages: “Giving Of Gifts”

People feel loved when a gift is given to them in secret, but some people will believe this to be the ultimate form of love for them. When you go out of your way to bless someone, they will undeniably feel a sense of love, while some will love you forever if you think of them and give them a gift. When you create content for your audience you are fulfilling a great need in the life of people who believe Giving Of Gifts is how you love people.

05:00 Fourth Of The Five Love Languages: “Quality Time”

Women typically will gravitate and latch onto friends and their husband who want to spend good quality time with them. By now you're feeling the effects of just thinking about this. When a person wants to spend good quality time with you, how could you not want to be with them? Some people can't see any other form of love greater than sharing precious quality time with them.

Even animals want to be with their owners to spend good quality time with them when they come home. Right now my cat is crying for me to spend time and play with him even more as I am writing this for you. Awww…meow! meow! Quality time with your customers, prospects, and reps will make them feel important that you CARE for their needs. As soon as they know you, and like you, they will undeniably trust you and will want to do business with you.

You could provide valuable training that teaches your audience on how to solve their problems with your product, service or opportunity. People love quality time like this and are one of the Undeniable Human Needs!

05:55 – Fifth Of The Five Love Languages: “Physical Touch”

Look at how a person's parents raised them with physical touch, and do the same to them. Do you think they will respond the same way? Absolutely! When people allow you to physically touch them, they are opening the door for you to fulfill a great need. Without question, hugging a loved one or putting your hands on them will break down some of the strongest walls they put up to protect themselves.

Each person has a certain level of tolerance for being physically touched and some SHOULD NOT be touched when they become angry or upset. Troubled people who have been arrested several times probably will respond VERY negatively to being touched only reminds them of being taken away against their free will. One of the best ways to handle a person like this is to validate their thoughts, feelings, and concerns through your Words of Affirmation.

For those who feel that Physical Touch is a powerful form of love, be sure to respect this and just watch how they respond to you afterward!
( Get Gary Chapman's book, “The Five Love Languages” right now: http://amzn.to/2GGHfeB )

08:45 Sixth Undeniable Human Need: “Make People Feel Needed & Important”

People will do anything for people who make them feel important! Imagine a mentor who is recognizing your efforts in front of other people. Wouldn't this make you feel incredibly important to this community? All you have to do is make people feel that they are validated for being apart of your team and make them feel special. People are begging from the depths of their soul, “Please make me feel important! PLEASE make me feel special!”

It breaks my heart to hear the stories of so many people, even Christians who suffer from not discovering their purpose or reaching their full potential!
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When you listen to understand people rather than waiting for your chance to respond, it changes how you view people's opinions and makes the other person feel incredibly important!

10:14 Seventh Undeniable Human Needs: “Give People A Sense Of Hope”

Give them rock solid hope for their future that they can interpret for themselves. They need to know that the direction of their future will undeniably give them a sense of hope. You gain money and wealth by serving other people's needs. So in essence, give and it shall be given unto you! If you are looking for some kind of hope that your business will succeed, then know your target customer and what they want to buy, build your audience, engage with them, and then sell to them!

Imagine helping people is actually having fun and you will discover ways on how to fulfill a great need of hope in your life for your business. Having a good strong moral foundation is critical and without it, you will build your business and personal life on sand. I strongly recommend that you live godly in Christ Jesus and get yourself involved in a local church where they understand the Bible clear enough to give you a GREAT sense of HOPE!

I have personally seen people's lives transform with my own eyes when they chose to surrender to Christ! Friends who felt hopeless who were on the verge of suicide now have a great sense of hope where they had none! You can find hope in business if it's failing just by following these simple principles of the 12 Undeniable Human Needs!

11:58 Eighth Undeniable Human Needs: “Make People Feel They Are Contributing and Leaving A Legacy”

When we are remembered by other people who we have helped, we feel that we are contributing to something greater than ourselves or money. “I was thinking of you over the weekend” makes a person feel good about themselves and will encourage them to keep doing what is right and making an impact on even more people. To make an impact and leave a legacy that will continue to make an impact on people's lives 100 years after you are gone is quite the accomplishment and fulfills one of the greatest of the 12 Undeniable Human Needs!

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As we conclude to the 12 Undeniable Human Needs, you now have more information on how to persuade people on what they need to buy. Because when you see a problem that people have and you provide the solution to their problem, people will pay money for it. You didn't create their problems, you just happened to be in the right place at the right time to figure out how to solve their problem.

With each and every day passing by, we wish someone could come along for the journey and see how to solve our problems for us. Because when we don't know what to do, God help us! I'm convinced that the Lord sends people to help others who desperately need it and don't even know how to ask! So let's talk about the last of the 12 Undeniable Human Needs starting with the ninth one.

00:42 Ninth Undeniable Human Need: “Tell People Secrets”

Tell them things that no one else knows, and you will fulfill an undeniable need. When you share information that no one else knows with someone else, they will feel that you needed them to know this.

02:27 Tenth Undeniable Human Need: “Give People A Sense Of Power”

When people feel a sense of power, and they can clearly visualize themselves stepping into that power, then they'll take action with your opportunity. Most people come from a place of a powerless life. They feel stuck at their job, stuck in the state they live in and want to move out as fast as possible, or they wake up not having a vision for their lives and become exceedingly bored.

All too often, when people fail to aim for something great, they except that others will get there before them and fall apart. How many times have we seen people become jealous when others succeed at something in life? It could be big or small, but just imagine what it could be like if you were already making it there and you're ready to help people get out of that place in their life where you have been.

06:02 Eleventh Undeniable Human Need: “Offer A Scapegoat”

It's someone else's fault. How many times will people blame others when things go wrong? The answer is for the rest of their life! If people follow the instructions of their mentors, commit to the process, but get no results, it's not the student's fault! Far to often people get online and try to make money only to realize that calling a list of your friends and family will get you blocked, then you'll be told to prospect “sharp” looking people at the stores and find yourself being blacklisted at Walmart.

It's not your fault for following instructions and it's simply time to take massive aciton and get real results in your business. Here is the link with the information you have been requesting and waiting for: https://mlsp.co/l5p2o

09:57 Twelfth Undeniable Human Need: “Calm Their Fears & Doubts”

When you know it's time to challenge a person's fears, you will feel that the timing is just right, but most of the time, people just need that sense of relief. People need burden relief in the form of assurance and doubt freedom. By showing them that you care about your prospect's problems, fears, and concerns, and then showing them the solution to their problems, you provide a path for calming their fears and doubts.

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Why It’s Important To NEVER EVER QUIT!

Why It’s Important To NEVER EVER QUIT!

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How To Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows

This is all basic math.

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All we have to do is model what other people are doing and we will get their results. Make sense so far?

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When you aim tirelessly for freedom, you will eventually get there.

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The point is that you are NOT allowed to quit!

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How To Stay Safe On The Deep Web

How To Stay Safe On The Deep Web

How To Make Money Online With No Money To Start – http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows
How To Make Money Online With No Money To Start – http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows

When it comes to staying safe on the web, all you have to do is educate yourself.

It's best to learn from people who know how the internet is structured and are simply not affected by the people who intentionally do the wrong thing all the time.

With that, stay away from websites that you ARE NOT familiar with.

NEVER under any circumstances click on ANYTHING that pops up in your web browser that says you are infected with a virus, and to click the message to get rid of it. It is a big fat lie and THAT is a virus for sure!

If an email looks suspicious and it has something attached to it, DON'T OPEN IT. There are viruses that are ready to reek havoc on your personal computer and will swallow up your time with frustration and mass confusion. It only takes one email to ruin your day!

Trust what you know.

There are people who are unaffected by the email scams and pop problems because they know what they are. Listen to the conversations that THOSE PEOPLE are having.

If they have a YouTube Channel, and put out really good content that pleases you, then by all means, subscribe to that person's YouTube Channel and pay close to what they have to say.

Facebook is a great place to meet up with old high school buddies and friends you haven't seen in years, but keep a close watch on people who impersonate your friends.

I know I know, it would be GREAT if we could just trust everybody right? But we can't, and that's a good thing. There are many people who are ready to deceive you in a heartbeat. So it's good to know how to defend yourself online at all times.

We cannot always trust technology to protect us.

Sometimes our best defenses are the one we take advantage of and ignore, like our instincts. If your gut tells you no, just go with it. Don't give it a second thought.

Most if not all well-respected businessmen and businesswomen trust their gut instinct. Because it's perfectly fine and natural to do so! Look at how animals respond when they feel there is danger nearby, they run away! You should do the exact same thing!

Don't get wrapped up in fear.

Just be assertive and have a continual sense of awareness. These two things are what keep most people out of trouble. It's rare when you take good precaution and pay the price for it.

David Wood Review Empower Network Creator

David Wood Review Empower Network Creator

How To Make Money Online with No Money To Start: http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows
How To Make Money Online with No Money To Start: http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows

David Wood is a well known and skilled salesman who does not make any money through any form of deception in my opinion.

David Wood genuinely cares for the people under his leadership and is only interested in helping people like you.

His story is certainly and interesting one. He was broke and was living on the beaches of Hawaii in a green van. He had gotten fired so many times from multiple jobs and it wasn't until he got a parking ticket for sleeping overnight in a parking lot that caused him to just snap.

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So when you hear the stories that David Wood is a scam artist or to avoid his pyramid schemes, just turn a deaf ear and walk away.

I look forward to the day when I shake the man's hand and thank him for creating the Top Producer Formula which helped jump start my understanding of sponsoring and selling.

How To Make Money Online with No Money To Start: http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows
How To Make Money Online with No Money To Start: http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows

Can I Make Money with NO MONEY to Start With?

Can I Make Money with NO MONEY to Start With?

Can I Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start With? http://bit.ly/2mCCQE9
Can I Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start With? http://bit.ly/2mCCQE9

Making money on the internet really boils down to “do you actually want this”?

Because if so, it's hard.

You want to have a really good reason “why” so when things are going as you planned them, you have something worth more than money to motivate you.

This is a marathon, not a hundred yard sprint.

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