vip videos for network marketersAll of us have heard how network marketing events have changed the lives of so many desperate people. Leaders from all of the country flock to these events where most, if not all, buy a VIP pass to intermingle and exchange what they have learned with new people like you and me. Their goal is to inspire, educate, and encourage us to start thinking outside of the box right now. This is a major benefit of going VIP, and you will see just how many people are serious about connecting with those who create wealth in the form of multiple income streams.

Imagine the questions people ask and the answers that are given from those who have a purpose-driven life? VIP events change lives! This will inspire and motivate you to set and hit goals that seem unattainable. We all have the natural desire to work really hard for something that we believe has a purpose behind it. It is written in Proverbs 13:20 “He who walks with wise men, shall be wise.”

One of the daily routines that the leaders inside these VIP videos practice is that they work more on self-development, then their business. Because no human on earth is born for leadership, they are “molded” into one by a mentor. Habits rub off, and people catch on. Did you know? The average CEO in America reads around 60 books a year! This is an incredible leap into leadership. The reason why they do so well is that they catch what other leaders are doing and model their behavior. If you do what other people do, you will get their results.

My Personal Journey To Live The Dream 8 & Recording These VIP Videos

ricky borrows with jelena ostrovskaI work in a manufacturing plant as a maintenance electrician. After a few months of inhaling the toxic fumes from these giant ovens, I am now “comfortable” with where I work. Because my shift and pay are the best ever, 6 am – 2 pm, Monday through Friday, with weekends off. Now, I'm making more money than I ever had before. Things are really starting to look up for me and my wife. When I sign up for overtime, I get the best paycheck of my life!

Every now and then, our company would hire an electrical contractor to fix problems that were just beyond our reach. It was this gentleman who introduced me to affiliate marketing. Of course, I express my gratitude for the money I am making, but my student loan is a tough one to handle, and I have no money saved from previous employment. I thought it would be nice to make a second income to save money for a house, and for some play money on the side.

That's where he pulled out his business card and gave me instructions to visit a website for selling electricity to residential homes. He was an affiliate that could sell electrical power from a solar or wind power company for people who wanted their electricity to come from these places. He explained that for every month people would pay their electrical bill, he would get a small percentage of the money, each and every month for the rest of his life.

The thought is so eye opening and irresistible. I have discovered a new way to make money that no one had ever told me about before. This is so intriguing. I took the time to look into this, and am excited beyond words! But found out that I must buy training and pay money to be an affiliate. At the time, I didn't think this was for me, but I just kept thinking about the possibilities.

Things are now starting to get ugly at work. I am tagging all the electrical hazards I can find, and my employer is getting suspicious. Until one day when I told my boss about a really BAD electrical fire hazard. 15 minutes after I told him my plan for taking care of the problem, he has called me over to him and told me to walk with him. He had some papers with a manila envelope under his arm. We are walking quickly into an office with two other people, the second electrician and the human resources lady.

The door is closed, and he breaks the news that I dreaded most. “We are letting you go for reasons that we are not willing to discuss.” In total confusion, I reply, “That's great. What am I supposed to say to my next employer?” Another disappointing response comes out of his mouth, “Let's just call it, unsatisfactory work performance.” I am escorted out of the building where I get in my car and start to drive home.

What will my wife think of me when I break the news to her again? I hate seeing her cry over these things and it's getting harder to avoid getting fired from these places. She is vacuuming the carpet and I ask her to turn it off. I broke the news and her tears start streaming down her face and I am branded as a failure once again.

I step outside on the deck of our apartment to think and then I speak with such bold confidence. “I will make money on the internet and will NEVER work for another employer as long as I live!” Madness took hold of me, and for two and a half years I spent all my time researching the #1 way to make money online. I found some helpful videos but I need so much more than this! I am in need of a mentor.

After following a group of successful online entrepreneurs, I am now connected with them on Facebook. One, in particular, I relate to completely. He is looking for people who are looking for him and we get along great. He now introduces me to an incredible system called My Lead System Pro. His team is working hard on building their personal brand and I am in love with the idea. A year passes and I'm getting better and better. The leads turn into sales and some just find my products and just buy them.

See for yourself =>

It is now time to attend my first Live The Dream Event inside of MLSP. Every leader owes a huge debt of gratitude to the leaders inside of My Lead System Pro for putting together all that pertains to this event. This brotherhood is a traditional family gathering where people come from all over the world to attend. I am documenting everything as it happens, and since you are becoming quite interested in My Lead System Pro, you're probably going to click on this link after you watch all these VIP Videos.

Live The Dream 8 Day 1 of 2

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Live The Dream 8 Day 2 of 2

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VIP Videos With Successful Network Marketers

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Meeting Amy Starr Allen

Ricky Borrows & Amy Starr AllenEver since 2013 when I listened to  Amy Starr Allen on a webinar, all I wanted to be in her shoes. She had been blogging for something like 78 days straight and started getting 40 leads a day from doing just this alone. So what was she blogging about? Her passion for crossfit and network marketing. Amy now is a rock “Starr” blogger and has blown me away from how far she has come!

Amy came from a life of being divorced with two small children and turned to the internet so she could provide for her two daughters, Brielle and Ava. She found hope using My Lead System Pro which gave her that edge and put her gears into motion.

During this special VIP Video that I had with Amy, she clearly gave credit to how attending network marketing events is so critical because you absorb the authority just by connecting with these leaders. Amy, you are so inspiring to me! You're awesome! <3 <3 <3

Amy Starr Allen and I use this system to build our brand online =>

VIP Video with Amy Starr Allen

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 Meeting Rob Fore

ricky borrows with rob foreImagine seeing an old run down Izuzu pickup truck on the side of a dirt road only to see a young homeless man throw a urine stained mattress in the back so he can sleep tonight. During a thunderstorm, he uses an oversized tarp to stay dry which he found out of a commercial dumpster. In overwhelm, he cries himself to sleep, ready to vomit from the gross smell of an abandoned mattress.

Fast forward to August 12, 2017, and you can see my arm around that same man who was once homeless, Rob Fore! Now the man is a highly successful millionaire who loves Star Wars, going to church, giving to charities, traveling the world with his beautiful wife Lisa whenever they want.

It's comeback stories like these that make me just think, “WOW, if this guy can get himself out of the situation he was in, the only thing holding me back is myself!” Meeting people like Rob Fore feels exactly like meeting a famous celebrity! Now if you were to tell me a year ago that I would be having a one on one conversation with Rob Fore, I would have said you're crazy! This goes to show you the power of going to network marketing events and especially VIP!

Rob Fore and I know the value of serving our customers all thanks to this system =>

VIP Video with Rob Fore 1 of 2

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Rob Fore Saw David Wood Sell A Product That NEVER Existed!

When I invested a good amount of money for some marketing training by David Wood, this was the first time that I ever heard of the name Rob Fore. Rob was at an event called My Lead System Pro, which is the same event I am attending during these VIP Videos, and at the time, leaders could go on stage and sell their own products. David Wood knows how to sell stuff, really really well.

Rob was chatting with David and was curious about what he was going to sell. David's goal was to sell a product that didn't even exist, just to see if people would buy it! David's strategy was simple. All he used was social proof and scarcity. One by one, David brought people on stage to share their testimony on how David made an impact on their business and have helped change their lives. David never said what exactly was for sale.

The scarcity he used was a dollar amount of $1,000,000 on the screen which kept dropping until it got to $47, and then David added a 3-minute timer. Once the last testimony left the stage, the clock started ticking down. Then David Wood announced, “For the next 2 minutes and 59 seconds, you can “buy it now” for $47, but when the time runs out, the price jumps back up to $497.” Rob Fore watched in awe as two-thirds of the room stood up in a frenzy literally throwing $50 bills and their credit cards on stage!

Naturally, David gave what he promised, which was a training module on how to earn $15k per month. Here is Rob Fore telling us how he felt when David Wood sold a product that didn't even exist.

Click here to see the system Rob Fore and I use to generate leads & make money online –

VIP Video with Rob Fore 2 of 2

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 Meeting Mark Harbert

ricky borrows with mark harbertWhat if you had only $7 in your bank account, you've just been fired from your job, and your wife looks at you as she opens the fridge and says, “We have no more food.”?

Well wouldn't you know, that this is the story of Mark Harbert. When Mark got his first taste of making money other from a simple conversation with a guy at a coffee shop, he was hooked! He wanted a way to earn money online and began searching for the answers. The thought of living a life free from financial worry was a dream that could not have connected with at a better time.

After going in with a buddy to buy a $10 course ( which he paid half on because he couldn't afford it! ) He got to work and started creating videos on YouTube. To this day, Mark is generating leads from his videos that he made years ago! This is so powerful and effective! It goes to show that people who are in desperate situations can get out of their situation no matter what! As long as you have the drive to succeed, you can achieve your greatest dreams goals and desires!

Mark Harbert and I believe in building relationships so that our customers know us, like us, and trust us. There are no words but grateful to the Living God for this system that taught us these simple principles =>

VIP Video with Mark Harbert

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 Meeting April Marie Tucker

ricky borrows with april marie tuckerWe've all heard how much fun a cruise ship can be, but it wasn't all that fun for April Marie Tucker. She was a cocktail waitress trying to support 3 children working 10 hour shifts in high heals serving the drunk more alcohol.

April wanted a better way to feed her kids and to live life on her terms. That's when she found network marketing and joined a system where anyone can learn how to be an internet marketer even if you have no previous experience in marketing!

April used the Instagram training to create an income online by providing value to her target market and by connecting with her prospects. When you make a decision like April did, your life can get out of that dead end job and succeed in becoming financially independent and debt free.

April Marie Tucker and I found our way in the online world of network marketing through this life changing system =>

VIP Video with April Marie Tucker

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Meeting Todd Getts

ricky borrows and todd getts When Todd and Leah Rae Getts attended their first couple of network marketing events, they saw leaders one by one surpass them and receive awards for their work in the network marketing industry. This became a pattern that both Todd and Leah saw and felt that it needed to change quickly.

Not long after attending Live The Dream 7 in August 2016, Todd was able to quit his job come February 2017. Now they are getting the recognition they wanted and everyone knows both of their names. I had the privilege of photographing them while they were on stage with their phone! It was great to have them ask me to do this for them.

In this video, Todd explains that in order for anyone to have success, you've got to get your head in the game, focus on taking the first step and giving it everything you have got. Staying on track towards a goal will get you results.

Todd and I rely on the training found in this system to keep us trained and focused on providing value to the marketplace =>

VIP Video with Todd Getts

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Meeting Erin Birch

ricky borrows with erin birch

Ricky Borrows with Erin Birch

A single mom from Canada could not have found a better place to be other than MLSP! Erin Birch is a mother of two boys and had a small jewelry business which she barely made enough to pay rent. Getting to her first event and going VIP was her biggest breakthrough.

Like so many of us, Erin Birch just wanted a simple life with financial security. It was connecting with leaders and other people inside of My Lead System Pro that gave her that edge she needed to get results. MLSP creates tomorrow's leaders today!

One thing that Erin always can take aways from MLSP is to lead with value and help people find what they are looking for. To believe in yourself and give value back into the marketplace. Serve your audience and it will come right back to you!

Erin Birch found her niche using this AMAZING system:


VIP Video with Erin Birch

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Meet Brian Fanale

ricky borrows with brian fanale

Ricky Borrows with Brian Fanale

Imagine being a broke bartender / musician trying to make it in the music industry making less than $2,000 a month. And all you want to do is just buy a round of beers without ever looking at your budget.

Meet Brian Fanale and you will know that this guy is the real deal. At his heart, Brian's number one goal is to build people up and lead them to financial freedom through educating and selling. In order to earn money, you must serve your audience and lead with VALUE!

Brian likes to call this educa-selling! Brian met his business partner Norbert Orlewicz at a bar on 6th street in downtown Austin, Texas. Who knew that these two brilliant minds would create a system that has generated some of the most impressive leaders in the network marketing industry.

Their system is creating tomorrow's leaders today:


VIP Video with Brian Fanale & Norbert Orlewicz

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