My Story

My Story

A Little About Me

What's going on my friend! Ricky Borrows here. Today I'm going to share some information with you about who I am, where I grew up and how I came to love this amazing profession called network marketing and affiliate marketing!

I'm just a simple guy from New Bedford, Massachusetts, who was raised in a good Christian home where my father and mother ( Daryle and Sue ) brought me and my sister ( Stephanie ) to church on Sundays for worship and Wednesday nights for youth group. By the age of 16, I was fully converted to Jesus Christ and have not regretted it! God is so faithful! Both my parents made an amazing impact on the lives of teenagers in our church, and I often run into them at the mall or grocery store and they immediately start telling me their stories. My father and mother were in the right place at the right time to minister to most if not all of them when they needed it! They remind me of the legacy that I want to leave behind so that lives will be changed even when I'm gone.

I have been an introverted earthling as long as I can remember and was never any good at making friends outside of church. Middle school and high school were an absolute nightmare for me as I went from a class of 8 people in middle school to the shock of over 400 in high school. When you're introverted, you typically draw your energy by finding time alone or with like-minded people. By my sophomore year, I joined the school's Shotokan Karate club after a friend encouraged me to check it out. This is where I found some sort of escape from all the drama and could re-charge throughout the week. It was a great experience that has never left me to this day!

My Story In Network Marketing Begins

By 2005 I got married and went from job to job. I realized just how much I sucked at everything and couldn't hold down simple 9-5 job. By 2010 I went back to college and graduate in May 2012 with an associates degree in electrical maintenance. I started working right away. By the end of 2013, I was fired yet again by an employer without being told “why”. I had just pointed out an electrical fire hazard to my boss and 15 minutes later he terminated my employment for “reasons they were not willing to discuss.” I was walked out of that place a very angry man. What was worse was I had to tell my wife that I had lost yet another job. That look on her face killed me every single time. I felt like a complete failure all over again.

I went out onto my deck and made a promise that I would learn how to make money on the internet and work from home. That I would never work for an employer once I figured this all out. Madness took hold of me. And for two and a half years, I searched endlessly for “how to clearly make money on the internet”. This led me to a company called Empower Network that showed people actually making money on the internet and I was HOOKED!

I invested in their home business training program and began learning a new skill. Just like it was important for me to invest in an electrical skill to make money, I now invest time, money, and energy in a better skill that I never knew existed but was what I needed in order to get started right away. It's not uncommon where you can't connect with people in a business opportunity. Sometimes businesses even dramatically change how much they pay you and people leave. I had been following a small group of about 3 to 4 people who had their own show every Wednesday. All of them left Empower Network and encouraged us to leave right away, so I did. Empower Network completely collapsed, but that's another blog post story for later.

We all joined a community called My Lead System Pro where we could connect and relate to more people who were just like us. This community of network marketers has changed my entire view of what it actually takes to be a home business owner. They are flat out honest with everyone who gets their head in the game. Because winning at this is hard and not for the those who quit easily. You must be willing to experiment, fail, learn, and repeat this whole process until you figure out what your little niche is!

Inside of MLSP is the highest quality training I have ever seen for starting a home-based business. People who are just like you and me have gone through all the hardship and same exact struggles as we have, and made a profitable business online. MLSP is like a Harvard Education for marketing your online. Training you to become the leader you were born to be from the ground up. They have been in this industry since 2008 and have overcome every problem you can think of!

If you would are looking for advice on how to start a home business and want to work with me as your mentor, click this link now =>

Because of the help of my good YouTube mentor Dave, I have been able to create a profitable YouTube Channel called “God, Guns, and Common Sense”. Click here to like and subscribe =>

You see, I've already made all the dumb network marketing mistakes. I've spammed, begged, and chased people. I've talked to prospects for hours and sounded dumb and desperate.


Here is my missions statement:

It is with great pleasure that I profess to be a born again Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, of whom I have surrendered as my LORD, my GOD, my DAILY PEACE, and my DEAR FRIEND! My goal is to educate you using the foundational morals and principles found inside of the Holy Bible, so you can have the life you have always wanted. A life of great peace and prosperity forever!

Love in Christ, Always,
ricky-borrowsricky borrows


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