Why It’s Important To NEVER EVER QUIT!

Why It’s Important To NEVER EVER QUIT!

How To Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows
How To Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows

This is all basic math.

If you continuously keep trying at one particular thing, eventually you will get a result. But you don't want to keep trying to plug away at things that just aren't working when you have been giving it a go for 90 days straight.

A personal goal of mine is to break free from this 9 to 5 job and work from home. In order for me to do that, I MUST and WILL stay consistent for 90 days.

All we have to do is model what other people are doing and we will get their results. Make sense so far?

So if you like a person's results and would LOVE to be where they are, just model whatever they are doing!

When you aim tirelessly for freedom, you will eventually get there.

I speak with people all the time who made it their goal to move here to America. It's all they ever talked about back in their home country, and here they are.

When you surround yourself with like-minded people, you're thinking will be the average of THAT group. So it's very very important that you surround yourself and ENGAGE with the people who inspire you the most.

If you see someone who is succeeding in life and you ask them how you can get to be where they are, you will probably be astonished and perhaps even balk a little at their answer.


If you want to Think and Grow Rich click here to get started: http://amzn.to/2oApg0A

If you one broke dad and want to be a rich father, read Rich Dad Poor Dad here: http://amzn.to/2niq09u (VERY GOOD BOOK! )

If you want to Learn How To Win Friends and Influence People click here: http://amzn.to/2nBUw1A

The point is that you are NOT allowed to quit!

You must keep trying different things until you are satisfied with the results!

David Wood Review Empower Network Creator

David Wood Review Empower Network Creator

How To Make Money Online with No Money To Start: http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows
How To Make Money Online with No Money To Start: http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows

David Wood is a well known and skilled salesman who does not make any money through any form of deception in my opinion.

David Wood genuinely cares for the people under his leadership and is only interested in helping people like you.

His story is certainly and interesting one. He was broke and was living on the beaches of Hawaii in a green van. He had gotten fired so many times from multiple jobs and it wasn't until he got a parking ticket for sleeping overnight in a parking lot that caused him to just snap.

David found My Lead System Pro and learned the skills necessary to build a profitable blog.

He is well respected and highly admired for being able to sell virtually anything down to products that don't even exist! Very impressive! Of course, he gave the customers a product called the $15k formula training module. Most if not all who have bought that course are just blown away by it.

So when you hear the stories that David Wood is a scam artist or to avoid his pyramid schemes, just turn a deaf ear and walk away.

I look forward to the day when I shake the man's hand and thank him for creating the Top Producer Formula which helped jump start my understanding of sponsoring and selling.

How To Make Money Online with No Money To Start: http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows
How To Make Money Online with No Money To Start: http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows

7 FREE Network Marketing Training

7 FREE Network Marketing Training

7 Free Network Marketing Training – http://joinus.rickyborrows.com

Hello My Network Marketing Friend!

Ricky Borrows here…

By now you've discovered that over 90% of struggling network marketers… All have the same problem in common…

They are leaderless, scattered, and completely clueless on how to make money on the internet…

And you've made up your mind that you're not going to be one of them!

Now I'm not saying that all your network marketing problems will be cured overnight… But Success Leaves Clues…

7 Free Network Marketing Training – http://joinus.rickyborrows.com

And with that being said, we are willing to help you make it in this industry! We are not going to help you focus on making $5,000 – $10,000 in your first month… But rather are going to show you how to make your first $300 – $550 per month!

Because in order for us to help you, we need you to focus and dominate the basics of network marketing! We have provided for you 7 Step by Step Network Marketing training videos that are powerful! These will guide you every step of the way on how to start and increase your revenue through power of social media…

These network marketing training are at no cost to you and are completely FREE! We know that we have got to get you on the right track…

And lay the very foundation in order to develop your financial genius!

Just imagine for a moment what an extra $300 – $550 per month would do for you and your family… What kind of stress relief would that provide?

By now you are feeling confident and are ready to get started!

By now you are starting to see your problems just melt away like ice cream on a blazing hot summer day! By now you are willing to do whatever it takes and get the job done!

7 Free Network Marketing Training – http://joinus.rickyborrows.com

Our high quality training videos have helped thousands of people just like you… Go from making no money at all to their first $300 – $550 in a single month! You now have the potential at your finger tips to go even further…

And make all the residual income you need for you and your family! And will eventually do away with all that painful exhausting overtime at the job you hate!

Success Leaves Clues…

And This Takes Work!

Type: “I'M READY TO GET STARTED” in the comments below right now!

And we will send you the link to get you started!

The Successful Leave Clues Behind On Purpose

The Successful Leave Clues Behind On Purpose

If you have instant access to the internet, then you will discover that success leaves clues behind on purpose. We want you to learn the truth on how to make wise financial decisions. Because you go to your job to get the money, and we get that. But while in high school, were we trained on how make good financial decisions? For instance, instead of borrowing so much money ( which takes 30 years to pay off ) you just earn a pile of money and live debt free! You're beginning to notice a familiar pattern among the majority. Everywhere you go, you rarely find or even hear of someone who is living completely debt free. And that is very sad.

Guys, we live here in America. This is our land, and our opportunity! It's our moment to write in the history books of what we did for our children and grand children. We are not called to live in debt to man and be broke our entire lives, or depend solely on government aid. Come on, let's face it. Did Jesus or His disciples ever borrow money from the government? No. Because borrowing money puts you into slave mode. And nobody, especially you or me want to ever feel like we are a slave to the lender.

Success Leaves Clues Behind On Purpose

Think of all the amazing podcasts out there. Let's take Jim Harmer for example. Here's a guy who used to be lawyer who turned in his suit and tie for the title of one of the most professional photographers in the world. Years later, he now sells his own courses on Photoshop, Camera Reviews, Lens Kits, etc. Jim left clues behind on his website on how to dive right into photoshop. He travels all over the world and photographs everything. In his podcast he talks about a “Doodad” of the week. He left a clue on how people can get instant access to that product.

Success Leaves Clues Behind On Purpose ~ http://www.rickyborrows.com Click To Tweet

Most if not all successful work from business men and women take their business seriously. In other words, they show up for work, and have fun doing it! What's the point of working at a job you don't enjoy? I'll never forget what my father told me and my family right before he died. He said, “I have no regrets, I just wish I had a job that I really enjoyed.” That's where my self employment journey began, and have not looked back. Yeah it has sucked bad. For example, when I wasn't getting any results, I blamed everything else but the common denominator, me. Newbies do this more than veterans for sure, and you'll learn to get over it.

Picking Up Bread Crumbs

The story of picking up bread crumbs means follow your way home. The people we admire are often modeling multiple mentors at the same time. Think of what will happen when you surround yourself with  brilliant people? This is where your new habits will form. Overcoming the ego of not knowing everything, and learning from those who want help us and teach us, takes time to achieve. Not really sure why you wouldn't want to stay around smarter people. The confused village people will gladly take you back if you change your mind.

Choosing The Roads That Work On Your Behalf

We want roads that work for our benefit, but even that can be rough. I can remember driving our RV on the highway going towards Everette, WA. Those roads were the worst I have ever driven on in my life! Why? Because they were “sinking”. Duel tire tracks were putting deep grooves into the road. Not only that, but the asphalt was chewed up. Worst roads ever.

Now on the contrast, we used to drive down a road on the west side of Lake George, NY called “Buttermilk Falls Road.” That road was a dirt road, and it was a bumpy dirty ride. Because the best spots on the lake were down this road! It took 30 minutes of cautious driving, along with collecting 8 pounds of dirt on the car to get to a peaceful swimming spot for the day.

My wife and I stayed on the island of Saint Lucia back in September of 2013. Great time of the year to go. It's well below the path of the hurricanes and the prices are very doable. Anyway, we were picked up at the airport and were driven to the resort. We looked at each other in utter shock on how mountainous the roads were. I recommend you let the locals do all the driving. They know them so well, and the drivers can fly right past people walking down the road without hitting them. We stopped sweating after the 4th or 5th human being didn't respond to the taxi coming within “inches” of hitting them! Just let the locals drive!

When we arrived at the resort, the paved roads turned down an abandoned paved road with HUGE pot holes. I asked why they haven't yet fixed the roads? It's to keep the locals and tourists away from our beaches they said. This clicked immediately with both of us.

Success leaves clues…

Warning Signs Are For Our Benefit

Can you imagine what would happen if a hiking trail suddenly disappeared? Think of how frustrating that would be! You breath in the fresh air, look around and notice the dirt trail started washing away. When you make your way back, you want to know how to get home right? Glossing over the coming rain storm will only lead to disaster. Don't follow the get rich fast path. Follow what will be working five years down the road.

Or what if our only reliable map was tossed into a fire by a “friend”. “Ah, you don't need that. I've gota map right up in dis nogin!” Yeah whatever pal! I'll take my chances with good reliable guidance any day! Don't take financial advice from lost and confused friends! Seek out mentors who know exactly where you are because they've been there!

Look at the quality of your life and tell yourself where you are at right now. Is this where you want to be 6 months from now? Doing the same horrible routine? Driving 83 miles one way to your job that has caused you enough stress for years.

You are ready to take action? Ready to change everything? Time freedom is an incredible asset to not just doing what you want to do, but it gives you the time you need to help other people.

Look at what one waiter did live on camera. He fired his boss! Click this link now: http://mlsp.co/l5p2o

Thanks For Tuning In!

Why People Struggling To Make Money Online?

Why People Struggling To Make Money Online? – http://mlsp.rickyborrows.com

It's a no brainer, everyone is struggling to make money online.

But even the pro's had their moments of tremendous struggle. Over time, their
story was that of pain and agony. But they wanted to become financially free,
and now have exactly what they were aiming for.

The reason why most people struggle to make any money online, is because
they don't know what they are doing.

Some try everything all at once, while others seek out producers who will
do all of the work for them. You don't want to be either of these people.

What you need is direction that is clear with a predictable outcome.
I can help you get your business started so you can know what to do.

Click Here, and I'll show you how not to struggle with making money online:

With this system, you will find all the education that you need in order
to succeed in making money online. I have personally benefited using this
system because of the guidance and direction from those who have succeeded
before me.

Being apart of this Marketing University community gives you the advatange
of interacting LIVE with these amazing people. Their story of struggling to
make money online never gets old.

Here is the link again for more information: http://mlsp.rickyborrows.com

Stop struggling and start changing one thing at a time in your business!

If you want to connect with me, please visit the following sites:

My Blog:

Facebook Personal:

Facebook Fan Page:

Google Plus:

How To Get Success In Your Network Marketing Business

How To Get Success In Your Network Marketing Business

Points To bear in mind When It Involves MLM

There's an inquiry of lawfulness connected with multi-level (network) advertising and marketing, so see to it you have the ability to reveal the prospective participants of your network that every little thing you're doing remains in conformity with the legislation. Calming your prospective clients will certainly go a lengthy means, also if they're not always assuming that it might be unlawful.

As you examine internet marketing, you will certainly review some systemic troubles that could hinder your development. The framework of this kind of advertising and marketing and also the marketplace's saturation might discourage you from trying to construct your service. Prior to you choose one method or the various other, check out the info in the short article listed below then make a decision whether it's ideal for you.

Display possible brand-new employees to see if they plan to remain in business for some time. The attrition price in mlm organizations is extremely high, so a great deal of time invested hiring brand-new participants is squandered. Be straightforward concerning incomes capacity and also quantity of job called for to stop individuals from leaving business since it had not been exactly what they anticipated.

In any type of organisation, also multi level marketing, it is necessary to track your funds. This implies hanging into invoices for things like ink, paper, phone expenses, and so on. The best device you could make use of is an invoice scanner, as well as numerous also collaborate with the most recent audit as well as tax obligation software program making your life simpler come tax obligation time.

See if your multi level marketing supplier provides JIT order satisfaction. JIT (in the nick of time) satisfaction indicates you obtain items just when your clients get them. That minimizes the troubles some mlm suppliers have with having a lots of stock laying around your house waiting to be offered.

Ideally, after reviewing this short article extremely carefully, you are one action better making a decision regarding just what you wish to perform in advertising and marketing. If this holds true and also you have actually made a decision that mlm is best for you, ensure to utilize these ideas to provide you an affordable benefit in the area.

Establish a spending plan and also adhere to it if you wish to succeed in mlm. You could rapidly invest your escape of any type of possible earnings. Do not hesitate to begin little and also function your method up. Know exactly what you will certainly be spending on a monthly basis so you could make best use of revenue.

Do not anticipate to obtain abundant immediately utilizing internet marketing. Internet marketing is a company like other. Consequently, the even more job you do, the even more cash you'll make. If you just function a couple of hrs a week, you'll gain pay appropriate with those hrs. You need to deal with internet marketing like a task, and also not a leisure activity, if you wish to see significant revenue.

Consider mlm as buying on your own. It is your drive, resolution, and also wish for outcomes that will certainly bring you fantastic success. If you rely on exactly what you are doing and also just what you are marketing, other individuals will certainly rely on it, as well. Be positive as well as charming and also you'll be abundant quickly!

Are you struggling to make money in Network Marketing?

Discover what EVERY successful Network Marketer is using for their home based business: http://mlsp.rickyborrows.com

Thanks For Tuning In!

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