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Big shout out to my friend Bruce Lawson for inviting me to the Tiverton Gun Range!

Talk about beginners luck…only took about 75 rounds at 5 yards before I hit the bullseye!

I rented a Smithfield and a Smith & Wesson M&P9. Both are 9mm and I loved the M&P9!

Smithfield just kept digging into right hand and I didn't like it at all!

M&P9 had a sweet 3.5 pound trigger and the grip was really nice!

Bruce brought in his Beretta which needed more pull on it than the M&P9.

But get this, according to the dude at the front counter retarded Massachusetts won't allow a handgun unless it has 10 pound trigger? What??

Insanely retarded Massachusetts law makers!

I haven't even bought my first gun yet and I'm amazed to see how gun rights activists can't figure out how to win after all these years!

Look, all you need is just ONE THING in order to completely obliterate these gun law problems and that's “LEVERAGE”.

Figure it out #NRA! We can't afford to loose leverage Ever!



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