7 Reasons Why You’re Struggling With Network Marketing

7 Reasons Why You’re Struggling With Network Marketing

Yeah I've been there. In fact, all marketers will tell the tale of how in the beginning they were struggling with network marketing and could not make that first sale. But even after years of work, that first sale could not translate into “predictable income”. But why is it so difficult? Two words, NO GUIDANCE! So how do you find the right guide? With a little bit of search that's how.

Reason #1 Why You're Struggling with Network Marketing – NO GUIDANCE

Yep! Just admit it! This is the number one reason why people fail in Network Marketing! You've got to find a mentor who is just like you. Someone who shares your passions in life and has already gone through the awful failure and knows what to do. In my opinion, this is CRITICAL. How are you going to just figure out the problems with making money online without someone saying, “What are you doing? Stop! Don't do that anymore! Instead lead people with VALUE.”

I can help you discover what your gifts and talents are and how to turn them into a blog. Pointing people in the right direction is something I take great delight in. Because I can relate to the struggles of people beginning in Network Marketing

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Reason #2 Why You're Struggling with Network Marketing – NO COMMUNITY

Accountability and feedback from successful newbies like yourself will skyrocket your confidence and you will soar above your competition. Think about the 90% of people who are doing things wrong. If you have friends who did something right and made sales, you would obviously ignore the 90% and model the 10 or 12 people who are getting results. #MakesSense ?

Reason #3 Why You're Struggling with Network Marketing – You're Ignoring Reasons 1 & 2

Ignoring the truth from people who are excelling ahead of you will get your business NOWHERE. How many times have we seen people try to do things on their own without any instructions? Or having any prior knowledge and experience to help them? They just try to “wing it”. Oh and people do get noticed that way. They become branded as uncooperative and unwilling to work. No mentor will EVER take on people who won't follow their advice and no community will accept a person who brags, “I don't need help. I have all the answers.” Yeah right…

Reason #4 Why You're Struggling with Network Marketing – The Wrong Target Market

Were you told to write a list of your friends and family and pitch the product to them? Here's why that sucks, and just won't work. Calling grandma and chasing aunt Betty to join your business will only make you appear desperate for a sale. It WILL NOT solve their problems because they don't need your product.

But let's say they join, now what do you do? If you are building your business based on the pity and generosity of others, you're not paying attention. Model the mentors who are targeting people who are “READY TO BUY” online right now.

Long gone are the days when you could call 40 people on the phone for a home meeting and the first 30 people showed up. A blog is the BEST platform for your business because people are searching in Google for your products online.

generate leads onlineHere is an example of how you should be marketing to people on the internet.

Reason #5 Why You're Struggling with Network Marketing – LOUSY MARKETING SYSTEM

Like the rotting wood supporting your house? I didn't think so. Neither would I. In fact, I've looked at houses in Upstate NY for sale and what a bunch of dumps! I'll never forget looking at this one house that was sinking so bad into the ground, you had to catch yourself from sliding towards the walls! I kid you not! The slant of the house was visibly noticeable.

You need High Quality training that will explain “Why People LOOVE to BUY Stuff.”

Get into our Solid Marketing University that is completely online and bullet proof.

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Reason #6 Why You're Struggling with Network Marketing – You Speculate What Others Might Think

People are going to call you names. It should be expected. Hey, I get it, I don't like being called names either. But if prospects are calling you names and you are perseverating on what they said over the phone, change your mind. Here's why you'll never hear from these people again. They are always jumping around the internet from thing to thing trying to exercise their alpha dog authority because “they feel small”. This is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves ALL THE TIME.

Reason #7 Why You're Struggling with Network Marketing – You Are NOT Pre Framing People

The majority of Network Marketers are just doing what all the other dumb Network Marketers out there are doing. They are trying to “manipulate and convince” people who are “not interested” in their online business opportunity to join. The crowds of clueless marketers are prospecting anybody and not “targeting” people who are already engaged and ready to buy.

I know when I'm talking to a Internet Marketer on Facebook when I get a follow up message that states, “Hey Ricky! If you want to learn how to make $10,000 overnight, I'm here to help man 😀 ”

Now if people contact you and you get stuck as to why people aren't looking to join, it's because they don't WANT to join. They just called because they want to argue!

Here's what you should be saying to people when they are looking for answers about your mlm opportunity, but are baching to join.

Prospect – “Yeah I've seen your webinars and emails, but I just have a few questions I'd like to ask you.”

You – “Ok, so if I answer your questions will you join TODAY.”

Propsect – “No, I just have some questions I want you to answer…”

You – “Then we can't have this conversation.”

Prospect – “Why not?”

You – “I'm to busy to pitch to people like you who aren't interested.”

Prospect – “But I just have some questions!”

You – “No, that's ok. But you can call me back whenever you are ready to join.”

Prospect – “But I just have some…”

((( HANG UP  ON THEM ))))

Be polite with your tone when you do this. You never know if this person may join you a year from now, and burning your bridges is just not good practice. Now the reason why you want to do this is because like I said before. You don't want to be giving your valuable time to people who just want to push you around. IT'S YOUR BUSINESS. You get to pick and choose who you work with. You don't have to work with certain people. Especially the ones who refuse to do what you tell them to do. Don't let people push you around. Even if they have more experience in the mlm world, guess what, THEY WANT TO JOIN YOU, it's not the other way around!

I want to leave you with something very important when it comes to why we struggle with network marketing. Take notes! Yes it feels like school all over again, but I love what Ray Higdon said about taking notes.

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This is so true!

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Living Is Selling | How To Naturally Sell To People

Living Is Selling | How To Naturally Sell To People

When we think of a salesman, we become quick to stereotype him or her. This may have developed from being around friends who are broke or from people who have been shystered. But living is selling in the simplest sense.

You can't stop people from being naturally good at selling. #Selling #Quotes Click To Tweet

Let's take children for example. When you have something in your possession that they want, or if they see something they want, they are naturally good sales people with a pinch of exaggeration… #LOL

When I was walking through the grocery store, I overhead a little boy take a deep breath and yell, “MOMMY! There's the chocolate milk!” The boys mother said, “We're not getting chocolate milk today.” In a desperate panic, he threw what I thought was a hysterical pitch back to her and said, “But mommy, we NEED it!”

The boy was selling the idea to his mother that if we don't buy the chocolate milk, then we'll be in BIG trouble without it! I just thought it was the funniest thing just like you probably did as well. He didn't use any modern technology or sophisticated sales training, he just naturally gave it his best to sell a solution to problem. I don't know if he ended up getting the chocolate milk, because I was just smiling and passing by.

People pitch all sorts of ideas even when money is not exchanged. Remember the days when you wanted a friend to sleep over? We were actually pitching a sale to our parents. Or how do we explain that first car accident in dad's car? We were try to sell to him that it “wasn't our fault”.

We sell all the time to our friends about why this article of clothing would look better on them, or which restaurant is the best in their hometown. Or think of the real estate agent who knows the buyers living in the city just want to get out into the countryside and “smell the fresh air, and see the fruit trees swaying in the distance.”

Regardless of our opinions towards selling, in every conversation, someone is always pitching, and someone is always catching. It's how communication works. So what are you supposed to be selling? When I heard the answer, I was so confused. What you really need to focus on before pitching the product is selling is YOURSELF. But I always thought I was selling the product? Only at the end of the pitch. Because people need to “feel” as if they know you, and if you “mirror” their behavior, it will make them like you even more, and they'll see it's the perfect opportunity to trust you.

News Flash: People LOVE To Buy! And they'll pay BIG money! #OnlineSales #NetworkMarketing #Quotes Click To TweetKnow, Like, and Trust. And then give people VALUE that SOLVES their problems. #OnlineMarketing #Quotes Click To Tweet

Living Is Selling | How To Naturally Sell To People

Your customers are actually buying “feelings”.

There is an emotional attachment to every sale. So treat it carefully! Did you know, that according to world renown marriage counselor Gary Chapman, there are a total of 5 Love Languages? Interesting isn't it? One of them in his opinion is “Acts of Service”. When you show a person some form of service for their benefit, you are in their minds showing that you care. So if you are in the business of customer “service”, that person is really going to notice the work you put into more so than someone who has a different love language. Different views of love need to be treated as precious gold. Because when two people just can't communicate, the reason is because they “feel” unloved. Living is selling.

To get your copy of Gary Chapman's The 5 Love Languages, CLICK HERE >>> http://amzn.to/2dkSLku

Now me personally, my love language is more on the side of “Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation.” So when people show an Act of Service, I'm not always going to respond with, “Wow, that really shows a lot of love and care.” Unless it is a surprise, which I love surprises, always have when I was a kid. My mother and father would psyche me out for a gift they were hiding behind their back.

Every walk in or lead is wearing the same banner on their foreheads,



Developing habits to make people feel loved and special comes from the habits of other people as well as the Word of God. We are called in essence to treat people exactly how we want to be treated. And to everyone's surprise, there are no consequences for taking action like this! When your clients “feel” like you care, then you can provide them with a solution to their problems. Which in fact will bring the seller great joy just for the mere fact they are truly accomplishing something in life by helping another human being.

When we believe in our products 1000%, our customers will follow our confidence. I'm not talking about having the smile of a mental patient while rubbing our sweaty palms. But proving you are “a product of the product.” Getting results from whatever it is that you may be trying to sell. That way, people who see your results, and think to themselves that if it worked for him or her, it should work for me as well.

In order to sell like a natural, you've got to have the heart to care for the pain of other people. Selling is a hurt and rescue mission. You are reliving the pain with them, and providing a solution to the problem.

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How to Spam & How NOT to Spam

How to Spam & How NOT to Spam

You want a good example of “How to Spam” & “How NOT to Spam”? I confess, I've done both! But in order to turn from the dark side of spamming, you have to belief the truth of why it will never EVER work…

So let's talk about the reasons why spamming won't convert leads into sales. The number one reason is marketers are NOT targeting specific people who are interested in that particular product at all. This won't be hard to imagine, but if I walked into a Home Depot and speed walked my way through the isles desperately trying to sell tootoos to every guy, I would look like, you guessed correctly, a professional idiot.

Denial is the bread and butter of the spammer. In essence, “you create your own gravity, and you will ONLY attract people who are attracted to you.” So who would buy from a spammer? Only someone who is equally desperate. The odds of getting sales are so stacked up against marketers like this, I start to feel really bad for them.

Of course, we've all been there. Posting affiliate links in Facebook or Twitter saying, “Hey join my thing so I can get a commission!” Spamming is the trade of people who give up on learning.

One time, I went into a McDonalds a ordered a small coffee. The cashier and I started cracking jokes, and then things got weird. He began writing his personal phone number down on a napkin and asked me if I go to church. I said yes, but I am just passing through the state trying to get back to Upstate New York and I won't be here. He handed me his number and told me to call him tonight at 7pm. I was like, ehhh no. He said we needed to talk about the 2nd coming of Christ.

I thought the dude was trying to give me some “code word” for let's make a drug deal, that's how freaked out I was about the whole thing. I already explained to him that I was passing through and not staying in town. He would not listen to me and was trying to give me his number anyway. Now mind you the manager was watching him and my response the whole time and there were customer's in line waiting to put in their order. I was taken back and didn't know what to say, so I said, “I'm good man, I already go to church.”

This dude was spamming the Gospel which I already believed. But it was his approach that totally caught me off guard. Now if I weren't saved and was looking for the salvation of God, and I saw something totally different in him that made me wonder, I want what he has, I'll ask him what makes him so happy. I want to know more about his Jesus, I'll ask for his number. Then, obviously, it would make sense for the kid to hand out that information. Course, if it were me, I would not hand out my phone number to a stranger. I would give the address to my church and would tell the guy to friend request me on Facebook and we'll chat later.

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Let's continue with how NOT to spam shall we?

Peter J Vaughan is world renown for his knowledge on selling. He's been invited to the white house, gotten paid to speak at events for Verizon, been hired to sell expensive homes on golf courses. The guy knows selling, and is well respected for it.

We had the awesome pleasure of chatting with him on a live hangout! My hand could not write fast enough.

He gave us 6 amazing reasons what we are missing and why we fail in business.

  1. Selling Is The Greatest Profession In The World

Without sales, NOTHING happens! When people are having a conversation, someone is always selling, while the other is catching the pitch. You've got to decide whether you are a pitcher or a catcher. When you decide to communicate with your people, who is catching what your saying? It doesn't matter whether it's the Gospel of Jesus Christ or the latest bazooka that can hit a target 100 yards away.

Relationships are the vital keys to any transaction. In fact Peter went on to say that they ONLY reason why someone would buy your product without a relationship is you are the ONLY person that has that product, or your price is SO LOW, that can't refuse to buy it.

      2. People Never Learn The Greatest Secret To Selling

It is the ability for you to make your customer like themselves more when they are dealing with you, when they are not. Picture a little sign that is on everybody's forehead that says, “MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL.” “MAKE ME FEEL IMPORTANT.” People will not be around others who make them feel bad about themselves all the time. We do that to ourselves without fail.

So how do you make people feel special? Give VALUE to them that SOLVES their problems! Give value to their ideas! Give value to what they are trying to do. Give value to their life! Because when you do this, they will listen to you and respect you. YOU have to make people feel better about themselves after they have met you. Because everybody loves to talk about themselves. When you make them feel special, and you are genuine about it, it turns their whole world around. And they will come to love you for it.

But before you earn points in this game, or that nice paycheck, YOUR MIND has to get into the game! Because selling is a very special and powerful thing for people. Do not try, just DO your best! Who is the man, or who is the woman that you know who you are? When are you going to be your best self? When are you going to get in the game with EVERYTHING you have got?

You can't go through life just trying things. You've got heart and soul, so pour it into your passion! When the batter is at home plate, is he just going to try and hit the ball? Or is his heart and soul one with the bat to send that ball where it belongs? When you are communicating with people in that moment, be their for them. Be that one person they need right in that moment.

      3. Establish Rapport

What is rapport? It's people responding to you. It is the result of you finding that “connection” between the two of you.

How do you establish rapport in 5 minutes or less? Mirror their behavior. People are irresistibly attracted to other people who are “just like them”. So be like other people, act like them, match their tone and their choice of words. Become one with them and have empathy with them. Put yourself in their shoes. The only way this can be done is by asking questions. When people say, “That was awesome.” Ask them to describe what they meant by awesome, and don't guess. Pick their brains for answers.

People love to talk about themselves and what they love to do for fun. Safe things to ask are what are their hobbies, and what is their profession. Peter called this, “Priming the pump”. Do not talk about their family, political beliefs, or even religious beliefs for that matter. Let them bring that on the table. Get people to focus on their future. When you ask people, where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are the biggest problems you think you'll face head on? If I could wave the magic wand, what 3 things will happen after the convention? Do this, and you will take over their minds and make them think. When you wake up in the morning and in the evening, tell me what you will be doing?

Wow man, you sound pretty busy. What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time? And people will tell you everything you want to hear.

      4. Selling Is A Hurt And Rescue Mission

You've got to discover their pain. You've got to discover where they are hurting. This is true in business big or small. And they will open up to you and tell you everything you need to know. Once you've hurt them so that they are re-living their pain you can step in and provide a solution to their problem.

      5. Tailor Your Presentation According To Their Needs

Now that you've discovered more details about your customers, take notes the entire time and DO NOT go based upon your memory. Take your presentation and build it according to their needs. Show them “the solution” to their problem.

      6. Always Use Something Small To Close The Deal

Their is a really smooth salesman who sells Jaguars that uses this line to close, “Sir, do you want your initials in silver or in gold on the door?” And the people always go for the gold initials.

Here is Eric Worre's “Magic Close”

You show the person the presentation and say, “So (NAME), what did you like best about it?” They answer, “I like everything about it.” You just agree with them, “Yeah I thought so too.” Then you say, “Sounds like you're ready to get started.” They simply reply, “I am.” You say, “Cool, write how you want your name spelled on your checks, and let's get started!”

And that's what you do!

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News flash, PEOPLE LOVE TO BUY THINGS! And they will pay BIG MONEY for it!

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How To Sell A Product Online | Solve The Buyer’s Problem

How To Sell A Product Online | Solve The Buyer’s Problem

Predictable sales are the result of good problem solving skills, a servant's heart, and taking massive action. If you want to sell a product online, you really have to ask yourself why are you doing it? Is it just to make money? Or is it your number one goal in business to help people? It's way more attractive to legitimately want to help someone than to fake it.

One really easy way to sell something on the internet is by creating a YouTube account and doing product reviews of things you've purchased on Amazon. This is a great way to build a list of people who trust you while earning a little money on the side.

So alright, everyone knows how to sign up for a YouTube account and upload a video, but how does a total newbie get a paycheck from Amazon making YouTube videos? You signup as an “Amazon Affiliate” and work your tail off! An affiliate is someone who gets paid a commission each time a person buys a product through your affiliate link. When you direct traffic to your YouTube video or if someone naturally discovers it, tell them during and after your review to “click the link below the video”. The reason why is ff you don't tell people what to do, they are going to be confused as to what to do next. This will take them to Amazon where they can see the product is real just as you said, and make a decision whether to buy or not. If they do, then you'll get a 4% commission. After your first 7 sales, you get an increase of 6% per sale.

It's a pretty cool concept. Here is one of my YouTube videos promoting a product called “Flex Seal Clear Review | RV Window Leak”. I just did this video and within 2 months I have had over 600+ views and that's all organic traffic! Here is one of my affiliate links for Flex Seal Clear that takes people directly to Amazon: http://amzn.to/293plXd. You can see that when you click on the link that it takes you directly to Amazon and not some bogus site. This is how you want to treat your customers, and this is how you can start selling Amazon products on YouTube! If your product review can help someone solve their problem, then they will gladly hand over their money to you.

Also, you want to “Monetize” your YouTube videos so when people watch the ads, you get paid as well. You need lots of views in order to see any good income, but it's still fun to see money coming in even if it's a little!

Flex Seal Clear | RV Window Leak

Click the link now: http://amzn.to/293plXd

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What Is Marketing All About? | Creative Marketing

What Is Marketing All About? | Creative Marketing


marketingYou walk into his store, your eyes meet, the owner smiles and has been dying to drop the cliche' “Hi! How can I help YOU?” You are his very first customer, and you have no clue how hard he worked just to invite you into his store.

His excitement is all over his face. His crooked pearly whites motivate his smile lines to form brand new wrinkles. His build is that of Robin Williams.

You pick something up, he patiently shivers behind the counter. You smell it, he turns aside and giggles with wonder.

As you carefully scan the store, pausing here, calling someone one the phone there, the owner is painting a mental picture of how his first walk in is profiling his store.

As the woman approaches the counter, his heart is pounding through his shirt. He barely pulls himself together, almost stuttering, “Find everything you need?” She replies, “Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for! I've been looking for this EVERYWHERE! I'm going to tell ALL my friends about this wonderful place!”

“Thank you so much for stopping by! Come again!”

Just before she walks out the door, they both hear the same thing that hits the spot, and ties everything together. “Christmas time is here.” In the same moment, they both flash back to A Charlie Brown Christmas, which is where that song originated. Childhood memories takes over simultaneously.

It's powerful and meaningful.

And that's just your first sale. What good and wonderful things you have to look forward too!

For most people, this is their dream.

This is exactly what they want.

They want a store that says, I love life, and I want to share it with ALL of you!

marketingThe same woman walks into his neighbor's store. As his teeth are grinding, he presses his lips together like Donald Trump, raises his head like it's to heavy and says, “Hello?” She does a double take and sees he's on the phone. BAM! She feels awkward and uncomfortable. She picks something up and turns it over, and gravity takes her jaw for a ride and whispers to herself, “WHAT???”

She is indirectly slamming him for not welcoming her and making her feel at home like the gentle giant did next door. Like all women would, she instantly puts her head up before the item even hits the counter. Her eye brows start to lower as she very abruptly swings the welcome bells around the front of the door, taking the dusty parrot on the door for a fun house ride. He didn't even say goodbye, because he doesn't care about her. He is regretting his all his debt, and living in laziness.

This is just the story of the lazy marketers who are trying to make money online.

marketingWho understands Marketing? Only the ones that cares for your feelings and needs to be comfortable and understood. Your warm market is busy and doesn't have the time to buy expensive things you don't care about.  If you're not building your audience, engaging your prospects, you will never gain their trust and they will never buy from you.

Marketing is a skill that almost all marketers REFUSE to learn. Just like to the slum store owner next door, people are just looking to make a quick buck.

Yea right, that'll NEVER even happen.

Solving people's problems is the point. Small or big, you make them feel happy when they have found another reliable source. They can say they know you, they like you, they trust you. And they'll say this as long as you are consistent and have tunnel vision marketing.

Target has this slogan all over their distribution center. “Drive sales profitably, by giving people what they want.” I know this because I was a slave to their will once. #worstjobever

But they were right about that, and I was always amazed at how focused they were on achieving their goals. Night after night, I through cartons of laundry detergent and super heavy BIRD SEED on a conveyor belt.

I just kept telling myself, “Drive sales profitably. Drive sales profitably. Drive sales profitably!!!”

Give me a break.



It's all about building a responsive connection with people who are actually interested in what you are selling. NOT pitching or hammering people to death with ten annoying emails a day saying, “BUY MY THING NOW! BUY MY THING NOW! BY MY THING NOW!”

Here's a good tip, I won't buy from you if you are going to sell to me like that.

It just doesn't work.

And it never will.

Give people what they want, and they'll buy from you.

All they want, is to join,


online marketing seoHere is a perfect example of a corporation that is not focused on selling, but branding their products that make YOU look even better. Gibson Guitars are world renown. I owned one for several years and loved playing on it for hours. I can remember the first thing that hit me when I opened the hard cover case, the smell of it.

Musicians know exactly what I'm talking about. We smell what taps into our emotional triggers. Then we feel it with our hands as they hit the frets, gliding up and down the neck of the guitar. Even though there is no amplifier, we begin the sweet vibrations with a nautical sound, giving us a sense of freedom and a name for OURSELVES.

Gibson Guitars is all about branding YOU!

Even when we see their logo, it makes us joyful and happy! We're smiling freely from ear to ear even though they are ringing after practice!


And then, as YOU brand YOURSELF, YOU attract people who are like minded towards YOU and are ready to support YOU.

And when YOU believe in them, that is the exact moment before they stop believing in themselves.

And what do I mean by that?

If you don't no by now, you and I need mentorship.

Because this is a journey my friend.

Let me show you how YOU can discover all the wonderful gifts and talents the Living God gave to YOU for fun, provision, and helping other people. This gives Him credit where it is truly do. He cares for YOU.

Let's connect and I'll show you EXACTLY what YOU need to get YOUR Online Business started:

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Or Click Here: http://trck.me/AttractionMarketingTutorials/

You can reach out to me on Facebook:


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Let's connect and get you started!


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What Your Business Can’t Afford | Prospects Stereotyping You

So what does it take to cause a business to fail? Easy, pitch to people who aren't interested in whatever it is your trying to sell. Well that makes sense, but a lot of people don't understand this. It's because they don't know how to sell, and they will continue to try and sell to uninterested people all the time.

Here's the problem with that. Say you just jump right out in front of somebody and tell them to buy whatever it is they are holding right at that very moment! How would people respond? Better yet, how would we respond if that happened? They will believe that they are being pounced on only to be taken advantage of so you can get their money. Their only form of defense is to stereotype YOU as someone who doesn't know what you're talking about or what doing. It will be very easy for them to profile you as a desperate soul longing to make a commission that will never come your way.

If it doesn't make good common sense, it doesn't make good business sense. Frustrated and confused, that person will NEVER buy anything from you! All of this would happen in a fraction of a second.

When I'm at my job and I visit a customer I have never seen before. I have about 5 seconds to capture their attention and build rapport. What's rapport? I like how Dave Wood explains it in the Top Producer Formula. It's people “responding” to you. Once they are warmed up to the fact that I'm here to solve their awful problem and they are confident that I can do it, they have made an unconscious decision to profile me as a competent worker.

The one and ONLY reason why this can happen is because of 3 things. They see the company van they called with the giant logo on it. The technician walks out of the van dressed in the company uniform. And lastly, he or she introduces themselves as an employee of that problem solving company.

This is not stereotyping, it's profiling.

Now if some shmuck happened to drive by in a loud white van with rust towards the rear wheels and pull into the parking lot, something wouldn't look right. If the person got out wearing a wife beater with shorts and worn out shoes, with old tools, oh which by the way the 1970's called, they want those tools back that he stole. If he asked the owner of the company “got any problems you need me to fix?” The owner would have no other choice but to stereotype this dude as not the guy he called to solve his problems.

This is not profiling, this is stereotyping.

The “Definition of Stereotyping” is:

In social psychology, a stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things. These thoughts or beliefs may or may not accurately reflect reality.

The “Definition of Profiling” is: 

the recording and analysis of a person's psychological and behavioral characteristics, so as to assess or predict their capabilities in a certain sphere or to assist in identifying a particular subgroup of people.

Whatever business you are in, you can't afford your prospects to stereotype YOU or YOUR company. With the example above they obviously won't want you to touch their problems.

So how do you stop people from stereotyping? Easy! Results! Prospects will protect themselves without even knowing that they are doing it. It is all unconscious behavior. The results you achieve will be 100% on YOU and YOUR efforts.

If you don't have any results, brag about someone else's results until people see how humble you are and then they'll join you. Am I wrong? Michael Martin with Empower Network started out as a “zero” in the Internet Marketing stream. He blogged all about the accomplishments of other people like Dave Wood, Lawrence Tam, and so on until people started join him and his vision.

[tweet_box design=”box_02″]When people join in on your business, they are not joining the company, they are joining #YOU ![/tweet_box]

So in conclusion, people cannot afford to challenge results. When they try to, they just end up all confused and have no other choice but to trust you.

That's all for now!

Thanks For Tuning In!

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