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When it comes to guns, the first thing skeptics think is “Oh they are SO EVIL.” This is a common deep rooted belief, BUT if you show genuine emotional intelligence, guns really can be a source of self-protection and a lot of fun!

Movies and the libtard media will display guns as being more powerful and more of a threat rather than the person commanding the gun what to do. The hate of guns is superficial and does not actually exist. People hate what “they can't control” and that's their motive for aggressive control.

Law abiding citizens love one another. Criminal minds love themselves. They will kill people for “Replaceable Stuff” and will not shed one tear over it. Do you think that's going to happen to my family when I'm ready to protect and defend them?

No way

The sad truth is that evil people always have the element of surprise and can do terrible things. Even the Bible, The Living God's Word encourages believers to sell our possessions and buy weapons for “self-defense”. Luke 22:36 You can't afford to lose a loved one especially if you have the power to save their life.

If you listen to the libtard media, they will instruct you to surrender all guns to evil people. But good law abiding citizens are comfortable with the thought that they can defend family, friends, and neighbors when absolutely necessary. The media is not trustworthy for what is good and true. So don't believe the majority of reports that protest how bad guns are. Let's focus on the benefits that guns provide, shall we!

Are Handguns A Good Investment?

Handguns are designed for concealment to protect the intended victim and give him or her the chance to effectively defend themselves. Criminals fear this. Let's take this a step further, ISIS fears this! Because to a criminal, an armed citizen is more unpredictable and more fearful because they don't know who you are or what they are capable of!

Are Handguns Fun To Shoot?

When you get a few friends who love to target shoot and you go with them, you will have a great time! Not only that, but these are responsible law abiding citizens who think before they make a decision. I highly recommend that you get trained from a licensed certified professional who knows how to teach you how to shoot a gun.

I paid $150 for a private gun course and I'm like wow this is really expensive, but it was SO WORTH IT. People who respect guns will have the same approach when they meet a new person. They treat them like they are loaded and usually get such a positive response out of it.

Guns Can Put Food On The Table!

A gun can put a deer to the ground and put food on the table.

It's important to remind ourselves that if grocery stores could not import chicken meat or turkey or beef, we need to learn how to face the challenge of providing for our family's every need “before” disaster strikes.

You will need an effective tool that can bring the animal down in one shot and then learn how to field dress it to get to the meat.

There are many great benefits to owning a gun for “law abiding citizens”. Be one and share the joy with others!



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