Why It’s Important To NEVER EVER QUIT!

Why It’s Important To NEVER EVER QUIT!

How To Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows
How To Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start http://freedomfunnelsystems.com/?userid=rickyborrows

This is all basic math.

If you continuously keep trying at one particular thing, eventually you will get a result. But you don't want to keep trying to plug away at things that just aren't working when you have been giving it a go for 90 days straight.

A personal goal of mine is to break free from this 9 to 5 job and work from home. In order for me to do that, I MUST and WILL stay consistent for 90 days.

All we have to do is model what other people are doing and we will get their results. Make sense so far?

So if you like a person's results and would LOVE to be where they are, just model whatever they are doing!

When you aim tirelessly for freedom, you will eventually get there.

I speak with people all the time who made it their goal to move here to America. It's all they ever talked about back in their home country, and here they are.

When you surround yourself with like-minded people, you're thinking will be the average of THAT group. So it's very very important that you surround yourself and ENGAGE with the people who inspire you the most.

If you see someone who is succeeding in life and you ask them how you can get to be where they are, you will probably be astonished and perhaps even balk a little at their answer.


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The point is that you are NOT allowed to quit!

You must keep trying different things until you are satisfied with the results!

Their God Changes Path Of Rockets in Mid- Air Hamas Terrorist Said

Their God Changes Path Of Rockets in Mid- Air Hamas Terrorist Said

This Is Truly Awesome!

All throughout Jewish history, the God of The Bible has and always will defend the mighty nation of Israel! This video is yet another testimony of His Hands at work! I love these videos!

On top of the unstoppable evidence of Creation, the LORD has made His will clear to all mankind. Stop living in sin, and start repenting of evil! You'll notice how He never mentions once that we should stop doing good. That is because He teaches us all about how to be good in His sight!

God made a promise to Israel that He would never leave them or forsake them ever again. And He has been true to His word!

This same Jesus, the God of Israel, can be your God right now!

Jesus said, “Come unto Me all ye that labor and I will give you (MY) rest.” Matthew 11:28

LORD, Let Me Live Another Day!

LORD, Let Me Live Another Day!

Imagine waking up and your first words were spoken with the feeling of a grateful heart. Think of all the amazing wonders that have happened in your life right up until this moment, and speak with thanksgiving. Bring the sacrifices of Praise from your lips unto the ears of the Living God. You are alive right now and are most certainly called with a purpose. Today is your chance to touch one more person's life. The problems you have overcome, is the solution for the people who are just beginning to face them right now. By now you are beginning to see a greater opportunity here.

What's Your Purpose in Life?

To love your neighbor as you love yourself is the only way a community will be at its glorious peak. How would it make you feel to be totally surrounded by strangers who waved to you in kindness one after the other? This habit will make a tremendous impact not only on the lives of grateful people, but eventually the ungrateful and the hurting. As the bondage in their lives will break down, you will feel the effects of serving those in need. Personally, I long to see struggling depressed people's lives change forever. Because they don't have to live every day with the dread of the morning. Or to hear them say, “It's Friday, it's finally over.” Only to sink back into that deep abyss all over again.

On a Spiritual level, they can have everlasting life freely. This ticket to Heaven is the Powerful Blood of Jesus Christ. Not only that, but He gives a down payment right at the moment of faith. He puts His Holy Spirit inside you, and there is no second guessing this deeply peaceful presence, of your Divine Creator. In order for you to discover this Amazing Grace, you must embrace an intelligent faith. You need the problem solving Religion of Jesus Christ!

With a word, our LORD drops our jaws! Everyday, Christians all throughout history till this present moment, bare witness to this one testimony: “I sought the LORD, and He heard me! And delivered me from ALL my fears! ~ Psalm 34:4. When our hearts are afraid, we cry out to the Living God, and He hears our prayers. My mother is a widow, and she never stops praising God for His continual provision. Turn from any sin in your life, and call upon the name of the LORD Jesus Christ!

Does God Care About Your Financial Future?

His plan is to also give you a financial shield for this temporary life. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Speak with thanksgiving when you are concerned about this topic. Many people go their entire lives in the fear of “what if this happens or what if that happens”. The fear of torment is the garbage of the mind. Fear only breaks your focus on discovering the task at hand. And what should be your financial focus? Financial freedom. As long as you are serving the needs of the people, you will always be financially free. The amount of money you make reflects the impact you are making on people's lives. You must SOLVE their problems by providing the SOLUTION.

Think of the impact you will now have on complete strangers when you will guide them both Spiritually and Financially! Not only will their lives be changed, but the people who love them will marvel at the transformation of a brand new person. They will see it, and be completely blown away. The number of responses will be countless. Finally, the admiration and respect of friends and family will be endless. They will look back and remember who brought the people together for the family name.

Your breakthrough is closer than you think! All you've got to do is first identify your main problem. And no it's quite obvious that the behavior of other people do not control your life. YOU control your thoughts! YOU are the only one behind the helm! I believe that you have the potential for greatness. You are designed for life everlasting, and this is NOT something you should just gloss over. Look at what's missing in your life. Are you the dad who hardly says yes to going out to dinner with your family? Or do your kids have that spirit of adventure because you are immersing their thoughts with yours? How often to you say, “Let's try something bold and daring!”

By now you will make the decision, and change the course of your life forever. Each and every one of your family's lives will follow in your footsteps. Your attitude will start a burning desire inside them one by one. Their goal will then be to help others get out of their troubled situation. You see what you need to do next, and solve the problem. Getting started is all about educating yourself. When you model what people do, you will get their results, and success leaves clues. What is left behind is a trail to financial diversity. You will become familiar as to why people love to buy things, and will make your life so much easier with multiple income streams instead of just one.

LORD, Let Me Live Another Day!

This is my prayer for myself, my friends, and my family. Because I am asking the Living God for the chance to make a difference in their lives and in your life. By now you are looking for hope that's predictable and secure. Think of all the amazing wonders you will see when you will make the best financial decision of your life. Now is the time to act, CLICK HERE to begin: http://rwborrows.bizbuildermastery.co/

Leave a comment below now and let's chat about this!

Thanks For Tuning In!

How To Make The Right Choices | Making Good Decisions

How To Make The Right Choices | Making Good Decisions

Ruby Slippers

And also with every choice we make, we shed the one we do not pick.

With these options, also one of the most unclear individual should pick an alternative. There is no chance to walk around it, for the plain truth that not choosing to do something is a choice.

So, with every selection, an initiative needs to be made to earn certain that we not shed the most effective one.

Throughout the years, I have actually concerned recognize that though I have actually found various life circumstances and also perplexities, factors to consider in the direction of the development of a great choice were constantly the very same.

” Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas any more.”
– Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz'

We are choice manufacturers.


Everyday of our lives, we exist with options. We need to choose just what clothing to use, what film to view, whether to abandon our diet regimens as well as consume that last piece of pizza, whether we ought to remain or go …

These exact same elements and also standards show to be practical also in choosing whether to pick an education and learning abroad or in your area:

1. The structure of every great choice is appropriate details.

Arm on your own – study, read, research.

With every examination and also examination you have actually ever before taken, there is absolutely nothing like being available in the exam space with a fully-reviewed mind. There is absolutely nothing like taking down the ideal solution to an inquiry. There is absolutely nothing like the protection that you recognize the best details.

By understanding the ideal responses, you are much less most likely to fail, much less most likely making blunders, more probable to obtain leading marks, more probable to find up with the most effective selection …

… as well as most likely ahead to a great choice concerning your scholastic destiny.

2. Be a sensible and also useful optimist.

A. Just what are the advantages/disadvantages of an education and learning abroad?

Nevertheless, though a favorable mind might take you much, particular scenarios might still be securing you from really relocating offshore. These circumstances ought to not discourage you from your desires, yet you need to take them right into factor to consider.

An easy device that has actually constantly confirmed to be efficient for me is the ‘professional' as well as ‘con' sheet.

There is absolutely nothing incorrect concerning fantasizing huge. In fact – in my viewpoint – the capability to fantasize huge is a possession. Do not shed it.

This paper could also verify to be valuable in deciding concerning your geographical education and learning.

Writing down the ‘pros' and also ‘disadvantages' for every choice enables you to be unbiased in a really subjective choice.

Recommended factors for factor to consider:

* academic system

* self-reliance

* monetary ability

* others

B. Exactly what are the advantages/disadvantages of a regional education and learning?

Recommended factors for factor to consider:

* instructional system

* distance to family members, good friends and also the acquainted

* assurance

* others

The ‘professional' as well as ‘con' sheet will certainly not always enable you to lean to the choice which has one of the most variety of ‘pros.' Actually, ‘disadvantages' could really be the aspects that might lead you to a final thought – if you agree to do whatever it requires to conquer them to accomplish a particular alternative.

3. Toss care to the wind, however bring an umbrella.

Decision-making does not just involve intellectualizing, however sensation too. Choices entail humans – the entire individual. So, the heart as well as the mind could not be divided.

Approve your doubts as genuine as well as substantial and also do take down why they are so noticeable.

However valor is not fearlessness without anxiety.

Absolutely nothing ever before obtained completed without a bit of intestines and also risk-taking.

So, though often you need to toss care to the wind, thinking about all your worries and also uncertainties could secure you versus hefty rainfalls considering that these sensations make you extra mindful and also mindful when determining.

4. Know when to pay attention when to listen to.

Hear those that respect your wellness and also those that really recognize exactly what they are speaking about. First-hand accounts as well as real issue make the concern of decision-making a lot much easier to birth.

Consult from others – yet recognize when to ‘pay attention' when to simply ‘listen to.'.

Listen to those that are dissuading to the factor of ferocious as well as those that babble repeatedly concerning absolutely nothing. Simply nod as well as get on your means.

Not all guidance or declarations provided by others will certainly be handy to you. However, in some cases, they could also be harmful.

Yes, ears are required for both – however, ‘paying attention' as well as ‘hearing' are 2 various points.

Hearing involves the assumption of noises. Paying attention, on the various other hand, calls for interest.

And also with a large choice such as examining abroad or remaining at house, you need to invite all real aid as well as problem.

5. After that, choose.

Would certainly your course lead you down the yellow block roadway?

Or exists no area like residence?




Thanks For Tuning In!

“MY ONLY POST” On Hillary Clinton Politcal Views

“MY ONLY POST” On Hillary Clinton Politcal Views

I don't write political posts because I'm more into solving problems and not whining about them. But I could not ignore how unqualified Hillary Clinton is for office and should never take office in the White House.

My dear friends, this video is not speculation, but a collection of beliefs that #HillaryClinton stood her ground on which we would be so proud of today but has utterly forsaken them and turned to a life of moral and social decay. She now obeys a life of self destruction, mostly from the pressure of her piers and forces herself to believes her own #Lies. I feel really really bad for people who live their lives just like her, and would encourage you to pray that she repents of this “Wickedness”. #WomenWhoVoteTrump #SupportTrump #Trump2016 #VoteTrump #VoteHillary #HillaryClinton2016 #StrongerTogether #IWillVote #TheBostonGlobe #Hillary

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