Learn To Work From Home – http://leads.rickyborrows.com
Learn To Work From Home – http://leads.rickyborrows.com

Alright Great! You made it!

Today, I want to share one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned with you…

It's all about…

Breaking Free From The Victim Mentally!

It came from one of my favorite podcasts that I listen to all the time…

The podcast is free and I'll talk a little more about it later…

But breaking free from the victim mentality starts with the most basic and fundamental things…

How you think and what you think shapes the world around you! Click To Tweet You will Attract or Repel people based on the way you think! #AttractionMarketing Click To Tweet 90% of your #Success is based on how you think! Click To Tweet

Let's look at it this way…

If you meet complete strangers for the first time and just barf your business all over them…

NO ONE will do business with you!

You've got to train your thoughts to “serve others” which is WAY more satisfying…

Remember that…

#Serving is #Satisfying Click To Tweet

Don't barf, beg, or chase your prospects…

#Victims will always slam the door to #Wealth when it looks like work! Click To Tweet

If you know your audience needs to hear this, I've just made it easier for you to get the message across to them!

Share all these Tweetable quotes and better serve your audience:

#Success is not easy. If it were, there would be no #Poverty. Click To Tweet Nobody is going to make you #Successful. You have the tools, you have to do the #Work. Click To Tweet Transform the way you think. Click To Tweet Being a victim is an acquired and learned mentality. It is a habit. Click To Tweet Victims believe that the negative actions of others are the sole responsibility of their actions. Click To Tweet When you play the victim, you hand the reigns of your life to someone else. Click To Tweet You don't want to gamble with your future. #Learn #Do #Teach Click To Tweet Your future is solely determined by you and who you associate yourself with. #Mindset #Training Click To Tweet If you are around people who hold you back, they will try and probably bring you down to their… Click To Tweet You've got to submit to those who will hold you accountable. Click To Tweet You've got to do everything you can to get in touch with people. #LeadGeneration Click To Tweet Victims believe that other people are generally or fundamentally luckier than them, but luck has… Click To Tweet You need to work your tail off to build wealth! #OMG #ThisIsIt Click To Tweet Victims say well i hope this works. Click To Tweet Victims slowly shift the blame to someone else. Click To Tweet Victims dread and are mortified by by the thought of failure. Click To Tweet Systems that have worked still work to this day. Click To Tweet You've got to look in the mirror and see the most frightening thing about how you genuinely… Click To Tweet Blaming others makes yourself powerless. Click To Tweet Learn forgiveness to let go of the victim mentality. Click To Tweet Victims are just afraid to fail, but success is built on the lessons of failure.… Click To Tweet

Ok! What do you think? Leave a comment below and share if you got some value out of this blog post!

Oh yeah…one more thing!

That podcast that I love to listen to is called: MyLeadSystemPro Wake-Up Call Podcast

Simply go into the app store on your phone and it's the only one that should pop up in the search.

Hang tight in there my friend!



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