How You Can Earn Money w/ Your Blog!

How You Can Earn Money w/ Your Blog!

How You Can Earn Money w/ Your Blog:
How You Can Earn Money w/ Your Blog:

Earning an income with a blog is exciting! If you have watched this video all the way to the end, you are ready to make the decision and start down the path of earning an income online!

This a fantastic place for new people who have NO CLUE where to begin, or perhaps you have been warmed up to the idea of producing an income online. Newbie or no newbie, that is not the real question.

Will you take massive action and take advantage of this income producing opportunity?

The answer is “YES!”

Click here to get started:

Don't let a little fear and intimidation hold you back. In fact, kick that crap to the curb! How long have you let fear dominate your life financially? Isn't it time you spent time and energy into something you really love and are passionate about?

Heck, why not produce an income while your at it! So go ahead and click on the link above to get started, and I'll be personally connecting with you so you are free from any technical hurdles. Don't worry! Everything is going to be just fine…

Let's connect here:

How To Advertise Your Business On YouTube! Very Cool!

How To Advertise Your Business On YouTube! Very Cool!

Creating ads on YouTube couldn't be easier my friend! Simply sign up for a generic YouTube account, upload a video to your channel, and you can use that same video to advertise it on YouTube!

What makes YouTube Advertising so much fun is just how powerful it is! I love using the geo-location option because you can target a specific audience within a particular regional area. This is exactly what every small business owner NEEDS to take advantage of!

Long gone are the days when mailing out your ads produced these kind of results! And the delivery of these YouTube Ads are super cheap and fast! You can literally create an ad in as little as 15 minutes and have the video play right before your competitors video starts to play. Ha! I think that is just hilarious…

YouTube Advertising also gives you the power to target by age group, gender, and interests. This is what network marketers call “Target Marketing”. You can literally bake a cake and serve it to people who are searching for your cake. Well sort of, a cake probably wouldn't do to well via UPS. “Got any cakes in those boxes that smell good sir?” “Oh no, no, no, I just don't even remember what I put inside these boxes to ship all over town.”

Crazy “ups” guys…

If you have a business and would love to build a strong subscriber base for your YouTube channel, you can literally send people who watch your YouTube ads straight over to your YouTube channel and encourage them to subscribe by simply telling them to in the video. Give clear instructions and people will love you for it!

YouTube advertising is the fastest and easiest way for people like YOU to leverage your small business whether online or offline.

If you would like to ask me a few more questions you can email at:

I would be delighted to answer any of your questions!

Why It’s Important To NEVER EVER QUIT!

Why It’s Important To NEVER EVER QUIT!

How To Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start
How To Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start

This is all basic math.

If you continuously keep trying at one particular thing, eventually you will get a result. But you don't want to keep trying to plug away at things that just aren't working when you have been giving it a go for 90 days straight.

A personal goal of mine is to break free from this 9 to 5 job and work from home. In order for me to do that, I MUST and WILL stay consistent for 90 days.

All we have to do is model what other people are doing and we will get their results. Make sense so far?

So if you like a person's results and would LOVE to be where they are, just model whatever they are doing!

When you aim tirelessly for freedom, you will eventually get there.

I speak with people all the time who made it their goal to move here to America. It's all they ever talked about back in their home country, and here they are.

When you surround yourself with like-minded people, you're thinking will be the average of THAT group. So it's very very important that you surround yourself and ENGAGE with the people who inspire you the most.

If you see someone who is succeeding in life and you ask them how you can get to be where they are, you will probably be astonished and perhaps even balk a little at their answer.


If you want to Think and Grow Rich click here to get started:

If you one broke dad and want to be a rich father, read Rich Dad Poor Dad here: (VERY GOOD BOOK! )

If you want to Learn How To Win Friends and Influence People click here:

The point is that you are NOT allowed to quit!

You must keep trying different things until you are satisfied with the results!

How To Stay Safe On The Deep Web

How To Stay Safe On The Deep Web

How To Make Money Online With No Money To Start –
How To Make Money Online With No Money To Start –

When it comes to staying safe on the web, all you have to do is educate yourself.

It's best to learn from people who know how the internet is structured and are simply not affected by the people who intentionally do the wrong thing all the time.

With that, stay away from websites that you ARE NOT familiar with.

NEVER under any circumstances click on ANYTHING that pops up in your web browser that says you are infected with a virus, and to click the message to get rid of it. It is a big fat lie and THAT is a virus for sure!

If an email looks suspicious and it has something attached to it, DON'T OPEN IT. There are viruses that are ready to reek havoc on your personal computer and will swallow up your time with frustration and mass confusion. It only takes one email to ruin your day!

Trust what you know.

There are people who are unaffected by the email scams and pop problems because they know what they are. Listen to the conversations that THOSE PEOPLE are having.

If they have a YouTube Channel, and put out really good content that pleases you, then by all means, subscribe to that person's YouTube Channel and pay close to what they have to say.

Facebook is a great place to meet up with old high school buddies and friends you haven't seen in years, but keep a close watch on people who impersonate your friends.

I know I know, it would be GREAT if we could just trust everybody right? But we can't, and that's a good thing. There are many people who are ready to deceive you in a heartbeat. So it's good to know how to defend yourself online at all times.

We cannot always trust technology to protect us.

Sometimes our best defenses are the one we take advantage of and ignore, like our instincts. If your gut tells you no, just go with it. Don't give it a second thought.

Most if not all well-respected businessmen and businesswomen trust their gut instinct. Because it's perfectly fine and natural to do so! Look at how animals respond when they feel there is danger nearby, they run away! You should do the exact same thing!

Don't get wrapped up in fear.

Just be assertive and have a continual sense of awareness. These two things are what keep most people out of trouble. It's rare when you take good precaution and pay the price for it.

You Inc Book Review – The Heart of Every Transaction

You Inc Book Review – The Heart of Every Transaction

You Inc Book Now Available Here:

I love how the most important thing about selling is in the very beginning of this book!

Every newbie marketer out there thinks that he or she must hide back in the shadows of Mordor and try to sell the company before selling the most critical piece which is themselves.

People will only trust people at the transaction. So people need to connect with you on a level where they know exactly who you are.

I did not understand this simple concept for the longest time!

I saw so much value in the companies products and thought I was of little to “NO VALUE” out in the marketplace.

But the more value I fed myself, the more I could give back to the community. This is where Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers need to pick up the pace!

No one else on this planet can be YOU, so, be YOURSELF!

Can I Make Money with NO MONEY to Start With?

Can I Make Money with NO MONEY to Start With?

Can I Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start With?
Can I Make Money Online with NO MONEY to Start With?

Making money on the internet really boils down to “do you actually want this”?

Because if so, it's hard.

You want to have a really good reason “why” so when things are going as you planned them, you have something worth more than money to motivate you.

This is a marathon, not a hundred yard sprint.

So if you're still interested in making money on the internet but you have NO MONEY to start, click this link right now:

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