You know when it's hard to figure out what that “thingy” is called? You know…the animated thingy at the bottom of the video during the intro? Or the thingy that shows up in the middle of a video, showing all sorts of value in it? I hear the word “thingy” all the time in my family, let me know if yours does too! I could not figure out how to search for something that was clearly in front of me, so I did my best to describe what it does in our Facebook group.

One of the admins responded and said, “Ricky, those are called lower thirds”. I immediately jumped on to YouTube and sure enough, that's exactly what they were called. This is one of the many benefits of being connected with a network marketing community. We are constantly surrounding ourselves with smarter people, and as a result, we can get more work done!

What Are Lower Thirds?

Lower thirds is an animated text that displays information about who you are and what services you will provide. Lower thirds are like friends who grab the attention of other people and point them to you. Once you have a friend or two giving you a little credit, this attracts other people to you, rather than chasing them down. It's kind of like social proof but on a digital scale.

Why Use Lower Thirds?

Your audience must perceive “authority” which lets them know that you mean business and you are about to teach them something of great value. You also have about 5 seconds to grab the attention of your audience so let me repeat myself, the sense of “authority” must be perceived right away. Lower thirds will increase the likelihood of someone sticking around and watching your video.

Where Can I Find Free Lower Thirds Templates?

Below is a video demonstration of me creating a lower third for a new video using software called Typito which is free to use. Just give them a name and email and your good to go! Once you create you own lower third and would like to export the video, Typito will give you the option to either send it straight to YouTube, or to download it.

Here is the link so you can check it out for yourself: Check Out Typito Now


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