Now whether or not you believe these quotes to be untrue, that's up to you. These are some of the core beliefs that I struggled with my whole life. But now I have NEVER been this peaceful about anything or more SURE with what I'm about to tell you. Everywhere I go I just keep hearing the same misquoted verses of scripture in the Bible about making more money or a lot of money.
Have you got family members or church friends who have believed this their whole lives? Or perhaps a stubborn pastor who refuses to accept simple facts about this topic? Yeah, I've heard this all before too! I think we could agree that it's time to shed some light on this subject. Don't you think so?
For this blog post, we'll just stick to the topic of what the Bible actually says about how to make money and how NOT to make money.

7 Misinterpreted Verses from the Bible about Money! ( share this! )

1) “Money is the root of all evil.”

 This is a common saying that ONLY comes from people who have none! Those who desperately need it, always have to borrow someone else's money that they can't pay back, and probably won't make enough in their lifetime. #Mic-Drop!  What the Bible actually says is this: 1 Timothy 6:10 “For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”
The love of money is simply robbing the poor ( or the rich! ), stealing from the widow, oppressing the fatherless, cheating people out of their paycheck by refusing to pay them and to buy a yacht instead! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Breaking into their homes and taking get their money and possessions. That's ALL the love of money means.
I hope this is helping you!
This is what will happen to people who seek to reek havoc on the poor, the widow, and the fatherless: Exodus 22:22-23 –  22 “Ye shall not afflict any widow, or fatherless child. 23 If thou afflict them in any wise, and they cry at all unto me, I will surely hear their cry; 24 And my wrath shall wax hot against you.”
You see? People like you and me love helping the poor, the widow, and the fatherless by GIVING them money or whatever their needs are in the moment! This is WELL PLEASING to God!

2) “I can't bring money into God's house because it's evil”

Seriously? Then why does the LORD command us to bring it into His house in the first place for the benefit of His people? Malachi 3:10 “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”

Let me know if you're having a major breakthrough!

3) “Money doesn't grow on trees”

That is just telling your unconscious brain that there isn't enough to go around and there's not an abundance of money for you on this planet. it isn't true! Proverbs 10:4 ” Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.”

4) “The meek shall inherit the Earth”

A lot of us grew up in a church somewhere and we have made the mistake of believing the word “meek” means poor or weak. Meek means neither of those things, it's actually a Greek term that means “Strength brought under control.” And we're talking about the mind and being able to control our own thoughts which is “Strength under control”. The ancient Greeks used this term with respect to a wild horse being tamed with a bridle.
The meek shall inherit the earth has NOTHING to do with you being poor which is a gateway or right of passage into Heaven.
>> You want to go to Heaven? Believe that Christ was destroyed for your sins and that He was risen from the dead 3 days later and live your life with a fire of repentance inside you! That's all that's required! 🙂
  – YOU SEE??? God LOVES YOU! And He wants you to live in everlasting abundance and in His security!

5) “Rich people are evil?”

  You gotta cut this one off as quickly as possible because this just isn't true. You're not going to allow yourself to become what is evil and some of the most caring, kind, loving people are wealthy people with the biggest bank accounts. They have been given the power to use money to show love and help those in need! #MyKindaLifestyle!
Proverbs 3:9 Honor the LORD with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your increase;”

6) “If I make money I'll lose my friends”

  If that's your belief, maybe it's time for new friends? Proverbs 14:20 “The poor is hated even of his own neighbor but the rich hath many friends.” 😀

7) “I can't out earn my parents”

I haven't really found a good verse to share on this but people are struggling with this belief all the time. If this is holding you back, what does that mean? What would actually happen if earned more? And does that even matter? You're parents want you to live in abundance so WHO CARES?
Here is the best verse I could find: Ecclesiastes 7:12 12 For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.

(BONUS Quote #8) “Money doesn't buy happiness but DEBT does?”

Well, this is true, but actually, neither does money or debt or being broke! Honestly, the best way to help the poor and the needy is to NOT be one of them! Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Romans 13:8 Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.” 
Let me know if you have had ANY breakthroughs because of this blog post! I love you and am ready to help you reach your financial goals starting today!


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~Rick the Electrician

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