VIP Videos With Successful Network Marketers

All of us have heard how network marketing events have changed the lives of so many desperate people. Leaders from all of the country flock to these events where most, if not all, buy a VIP pass to intermingle and exchange what they have learned with new people like...
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Another Awesome Free Network Marketing Tool! OMG!

You know when it's hard to figure out what that “thingy” is called? You know…the animated thingy at the bottom of the video during the intro? Or the thingy that shows up in the middle of a video, showing all sorts of value in it? I hear the word...
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Inside The Mind Of A Thief – Burglar Confessions

 Personal Liability Gun Insurance (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED): Urban Carry Holster: I want to see if you can disagree with this video and leave a comment below for...
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3 Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Home More Secure

1) Add longer screws to the plates on the frame of your door. 2) Install a photocell by yourself OR buy a screw in one from Amazon here: 3) Add a 3rd lock or a clean door stop from Home Depot OR buy one from Amazon here:
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I Can’t Believe I Hit My First Target!

► Personal Liability Gun Insurance (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED): ► Urban Carry Holster: When I walked onto the gun range that I was going to join, I got to say I felt a little nervous and quite excited at the same time! The...
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Is Owning A Gun More Of A Liability Than A Benefit?

Sign Up For USCCA ~ When it comes to guns, the first thing skeptics think is “Oh they are SO EVIL.” This is a common deep rooted belief, BUT if you show genuine emotional intelligence, guns really can be a source of self-protection...
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My Personal Opinion About The Urban Carry Holster

Urban Carry Holster ~ When I was doing some research on about guns on YouTube, I saw an advertisement about the latest gun holster by a company called “Urban Carry”. Pros of the Urban Carry Holster: The concept of the holster is...
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Does Your Wife Make You Feel Trapped?

Feeling trapped in a bitter marriage is just torment. Especially when you are convinced that it will never change. If this is what you are going through, I know exactly how you feel my friend. First of all, just pray and seek God for counseling. Get help from someone...
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How To Break Free From The Victim Mentality

Learn To Work From Home – Learn To Work From Home – Alright Great! You made it! Today, I want to share one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned with you… It's all about…...
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Having a Keen Sense of Awareness

Subscribe to My Channel ~ Subscribe to My Channel ~ It is more refreshing to be aware of your surroundings rather than creating imaginary scenarios and believing on those instead. Your daily habits...
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